Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coffret D'Or Jewelicious Eyes palette and Innocent blush

I decided to take advantage of the 15% off sale at (use promo code: xmas09, offer valid till 12/31) and order a few items from the Coffret d'Or Spring 2010 collection. I ordered Friday night and got my package on Monday!

I ordered the jewelicious eye shadow palette in 02 and o4. I've been trying to resist getting every purple palette on earth and instead I'm expanding my neutral color collection. The outside of the palette is a mirrored plastic with a portrait of pink crystals. Each palette has a highlighting shadow, a glitter shade, lid color, and a liner color.
Pics of 02:

Pics of 04:


Top: 02 palette has a white shimmery shadow, cool pink glittery shadow, a rose-gold shadow and a dark grey with multi-colored shimmer.
Bottom: 04 palette has a white shimmery shadow (maybe a tad warmer than the one in 02, but that could be my imagination), a warm pink glittery shadow, a taupe bronze shadow and dark brown with gold shimmer.

The shadows go on smooth and are well pigmented. The glittery shade is....glittery, it sticks ok when layered over the other shadows but I still find it a bit annoying to apply.

The other item from the spring collection that I ordered was the innocent blush in PK25. I wasn't really a blush person till recently and I have to admit part of the draw was the cute packaging. It comes in a round tub with a mirrored lid. When you unscrew the top, there is a mirror underneath the lid and a small brush included.

There is a separator between the brush and the blush powder.

Swatch using a fan brush:

The other items I ordered were the vitacreme B12, L'egere peeling gel and Adress Gorgeous Queen Liquid liner (not pictured).

I had received a sample of the vitacreme from a previous order and I've been using it at night for a few days. So far I liked it so I'll moved on to the full size tube and after reading Mona's review here on this creme; it seems it takes awhile to really see results. I haven't tried the peeling gel yet but I have used the liquid liner and I like it a lot. It goes on smooth and it was easy to do a winged liner look with it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blog sale page updated

I've added a few items to my Blog Sale page and reorganized items by category-Face, Eye, Lips and Nails. Some prices of previous items have also been updated. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lipstick Queen Five Minutes of Fame Gloss Sets

While shopping for secret santa goodies, I came upon these gloss sets from Lipstick Queen. Each set includes 5 colors from their 15 minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss collection. The colors are labeled from 1 minute to 15 minutes and go from pink/nude shades to a deep berry/red shades. The Five Minutes of Fame Gloss Sets come in 2 variations-The Nudes and The Berries.

The Nudes (from L to R) contain Minutes #1 (pale pink), #12 (medium berry pink), #3 (bright medium pink) , #4 (nude pink), and #13 (bright berry).

The glosses come with a brush applicator. It was kind of annoying that they brushes don't seem to be even between the different shades so some glosses had a longer/thinner brush tip than others.

The glosses wear well. They have almost a gel consistency and aren't sticky at all.

The Berries set (From L to R) contain Minutes #5 (sheer nude), #2 (light pink), #14(berry red), #11(violet) and #15(brick red).

Applicator shot:


Random lip swatch for 2 minutes:

Each of these "mini" glosses contain 0.04 fl oz of product while I thin the "full size" is 0.06 fl oz, so these sets are quite a good deal considering they are priced at $28 while individual pop art glosses are $16.5o. I bought these sets from Space NK. I've seen them at both the Bloomingdale installations and the free standing stores. On the website, they only have the Berries set listed. For additional swatch pics and to see the remaining shades from this line, click here to go to KarlaSugar's awesome post.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Revlon Colorsurge lipstick and new Luxurious Color eye shadows - Part 2

Since Tammy was twittering to me that there was a 2 for 1 sale at CVS this week for Revlon products, I picked up a few more Colorsurge and Luxurious Color eye shadows. I picked up the lipstick in Blush, Soft Nude and Carnation.



Top: Blush
Bottom: Soft Nude and Carnation

I was hoping that Blush would be more pink but it leans more brown. Soft Nude I was afraid would be too pale but it's growing on me as a lip color base (a la Mac lip erase). Carnation is a warm bright pink color.

For the Luxurious Color eye shadows. I picked up Sunlit Sparkle, Noir Galaxy and Violet Starlet. These are all perle shades.


Sunlit Sparkle (light gold color), Noir galaxy (Black with multi colored shimmer) and Violet Starlet (Plum with multi colored shimmer)

If you missed it, click here to see part 1 of the Revlon Colorsurge lipstick and new Luxurious Color eye shadows.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chanel Spring 2010-Highlighting Powder, Polish and Fluid Eyeshadow

After seeing The Beauty Look Book's awesome pics of Chanel's spring collection. I was hoping my Bloomingdale's counter would have this line-up available. To my wallet's chagrin, it was available. I decided to pass on the Eye shadow quad in kaska beige even though it was a gorgeous palette, I do own similar colors. I ended up being wooed by the Empreinte de Chanel highlighting powder, Particuliere nail polish and Torrent Ombre d'eau.

Particuliere polish and Torrent Ombre d'eau (fluid eyeshadow)

Empreinte de Chanel power without and with flash. An angle brush is included with this compact but in a separate pouch. I can't decide if I really like the pattern. It reminds me of slides the eye doctor shows you to test for color blindness.

Swatches without and with flash:

I swatched the highlighter powder with the included brush. I was afraid that the powder would be too shimmery but when the associate showed me how subtle it can be when she brushed it on my cheeks. She also layered blush over it afterward and it was a nice combination-gave a nice subtle definition. So it's a bit similar to the Paul and Joe highlighting powder from the holiday collection in that you can use it as a highlighter or you can just it sparingly all over.

The Particuliere polish is a nice milk chocolate brown creme color. Click here to see more swatches and comparisons.

I loved the Ombre d'eau in Torrent. It's a really pretty gold olive bronze-y color which blends so easily and can be applied more sheer or opaque, depending on your look. The tube contains a pigment portion and a base that naturally separates so before you use the shadow you need to shake the 2 elements together. It has a sponge applicator and dries to a shimmery powder finish. There is also a matching eyeliner called Khaki dore which has a brighter green color to it.

Yikes, it's not even Christmas and I'm being tempted by Spring make-up!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Revlon Colorsurge lipstick and new Luxurious Color eye shadows

I love going to drugstores. If I pass by one and I've never seen it before I will go in and scope it out. So far the top of my drugstore list is Shoppers Drug mart in Canada, it was heaven. In NYC, there are a lot of drugstores but they are not all equal. There are the "nice" ones and the ones that you go to only in an emergency. Anyway, my bf tends to try and stop me from going into drugstore because he knows I'll buy make-up. I try to restrain myself but when I stopped by one after work, I couldn't help myself.

Revlon had some new things displayed; there was a new line of eye shadows, a new color collection and a new line of lipstick. The eye shadows offered 2 finishes-satin and perle with 5 colors in each finish. Perle is more shimmery, while satin is more sueded. I picked up one satin, one perle and one perle from the color collection that had larger flecks in it. I was tempted by a new creme shadow palette from the color collection but I resisted.

L to R: Nude Slip (satin), Brushed Copper (perle), Lilac Shimmer (perle)

Next up were the new lipsticks. When I was a teen, I use to think Revlon was the only brand to buy since that was what my Mom and sisters used, but I soon realized that it had the worse taste/smell and I soon avoided them even if there were a pretty shade or 2 beckoning me. This color surge lipstick however, offered a new packaging that was pretty cute but there was no window to the actual product, only a corresponding color cap. I decided give it a try and only pick up one.

Colorsurge in Baby Pink

Top: Nude slip, Brushed copper and Lilac shimmer
Bottom: Baby Pink

The eye shadows were nice. I was in the mood for more neutral colors so I grabbed the Nude slip (light brown) and Brushed Copper (light golden copper). Both went on very smooth. I didn't think Brushed Copper was that much more shimmery than Nude slip but somehow it's classified as perle while Nude Slip is satin. Lilac shimmer (pale lilac base with silver flecks) is part of the new color collection and I thought it was pretty color. I was afraid of the fleck fallout but I figure I would try it. It goes on a bit better than pictured but the there is fallout from the flecks (they don't stick at all) so you're just left with a silvery color with a hint of lilac.

The big winner was the colorsurge lipstick. It goes on glossy and super smooth. Best of all, there was no weird taste or strong smell. I'm definitely going back and trying the other colors! The packaging also wins points for being matte - no greasy fingerprints! It is a bummer though that you can't really see the color inside and often there isn't testers so you have to chance it that the color will be something close to the cap. The color cap for baby pink was a decent representation. I hope that's also the case for the other colors. Will hopefully pick up some more shades soon.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rococo Nail Apparel~Holiday trio and Gold Fleck Polish

In the midst of trying to complete my Christmas shopping. I stumbled upon Rococo Nail Apparel. When I first saw the display at Space NK in Bloomingdales, I thought the colors were pretty but nothing called out to me. I ended up having to go to the freestanding Space NK a few blocks away to pick up an item and I noticed that there was an interesting clear polish with gold colored flecks.

I decided to not be impulsive and did not purchase this polish but looking at my one partially painted pinky later made me want it so I went back to get it the next day. Next to the standard display was a holiday set with a pretty shimmery taupe color. I asked the sales associate if it was sold individually and of course it wasn't, so I decided to go ahead and get the holiday trio. Pricewise it's a pretty good deal as well, the set is $34, individual regular polishes are $16.50 each.

Left to Right: Molten Lava, Pop Culture Luxe, No Shrinking Violet Metallic

Molten Lava is an awesome shimmery silver taupe

Pop culture luxe is a bright berry red with a subtle silver sheen.
There is a "regular" Pop Culture that is the same color but without the silver sheen.

No shrinking violet metallic (name says it all)

They formula on these were very nice-not too thin and not goopey. The dried time was decent as well. I did 2 coats for the swatches above.

Soooo, I went to purchased the gold leaf polish but turns out they were out of stock. They called the Space NK at Bloomies and they didn't have it either. While the SA was calling another location, the Bloomies one actually called back and said they did have it-yay! Apparently one was on hold but someone didn't come to pick it up.

The gold flecked polish came in a little decorated box (the holiday set comes in a box with similar design:

The polish is clear with 24kt flecks. By itself, it's pretty subtle, but layered over other colors it definitely gives an interested twist to your mani. I didn't shake the bottle enough at first so it was hard to get the flecks onto the brush. After a few shakes it was better. I've been in the mood for the Chanel jade so here it is with the gold fleck layered over it:

So far Space NK is the only place I've seen to offer this brand. Click here to go to their online store.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tsumori chisato for shu uemura - planet cat palette

Sorry, I've been meaning to post pics for the tsumori chisato for shu uemura planet cat couture palette sooner but got sidetracked. The online pics didn't wow me but I decided to give this palette a shot during the sephora friends and family sale since you never know once you see something in person.

The palette has the same clear glitter plastic casing as the ribbon palette but the cat picture has a holographic background.

This compact has a black shadow with silver shimmer, a silver shadow, a copper shadow, a white gold cream shadow, a dark purple liner and a peach colored blush with golden shimmer.

Pigmentation on all was good. My favorite shades were the liner and blush.

Meh, the colors in this palette just didn't work for me. I definitely preferred the ribbon palette.

On the topic of the tsumori chisato for shu uemura collection, Shop n' Chomp is doing an awesome giveaway with a mirror and planner from this collection as some of the prizes. Click here to see more details and how to enter =)


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