Friday, September 10, 2010

Chanel Soho Collection

I've walked by the Chanel Soho boutique 2 days ago and it was abuzz with construction for it's grand re-opening. I'm excited to go visit the renovated store but for now, I'll just enjoy this collection released in honor of it's re-opening. This collection is available online and through the Chanel Soho Store starting on 9/10 (Fashion's Night Out). The Soho Collection actually became available on on last Friday and since I didn't know when I'll be able to make it to the Soho boutique; I ordered almost the whole collection except for a few lip colors.

Here is the highlighting/blush compact:

It has a shimmery brown(on the reddish side), white shimmer and light pink powders. Sorry I could not get a good swatch pic.

There are 2 polishes released with this collection; Strong (shimmery burgundy) and Steel(shimmery dark grey). I was looking forward to these items the most. I really liked Strong; Steel was just ok for me. I just did my nails yesterday so I can't say how well they apply but they seem similar to other Chanel polishes in terms of consistency.

I wasn't that impressed by the online pic of the Stupendous eye shadow quad. It made me think of the Mystic Eyes quad so I was afraid I would be ordering something not too unique, but online pics can be deceiving so I went ahead and ordered it.

There is a pale pink, a light grey taupe, a plummy brown and a bright silver. It really didn't wow me. It's a nice neutral palette but the colors didn't stand out. I still thought of Mystic Eyes and I dug around my stash till I found it.

Ok, it's not that similar to each other. Mystic Eyes is a bit warmer brown to me, while Stupendous has a more cool plum feel to it. I actually like Mystic Eyes more; the pigmentation is a bit better and there is more shimmer to the colors.

I did order the Star Glossimer as well. It's a pretty shimmery light pink color but can be a bit frosty on it's own. I can see it being pretty layered over other colors~Will try to update today with pics.

I have to admit I loved that my items came in these little pouches:

I figure I can use it for storing travel stuff (?) I really don't know what to do with small pouches and such but it doesn't stop me from being happy when I get random ones with purchases =P


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