Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nars Kudoki Kabuki Lip Set

I decided to show the Nars Kudoki Kabuki Lip set against the Nars Bento Box Set from last year. The Kudoki Kabuki Lip set contains 3 lip colors (Botan, Takebue, and Ougi) vs 2 colors (Sakura and Maiko) in the Bento Box set. The exterior packaging is similar with the lacquer wooden box and the same kabuki lip brush is included in each set.

Nars Kudoki Kabuki set
L->R: Botan (deep pink), Takebue (rose nude), Ougi (brick red)

Here are size comparisons between
the Kudoki Kabuki set (Bottom) and the Bento set (Top):

Bowls from the Kudoki Kabuki set are 0.05 Oz (1.5g);
Bowls from the Bento set are 0.12oz (3.5g)

Shades from Bento set



Shades from Kudoki Kabuki Lip set:





Natural light with flash

Natural light, no flash

Indoor light, with flash

L->R: Sakura, Maiko, Botan, Takebue, Ougi

I think that that the Kudoki Kabuki set does have more wearable colors compared to the Bento set from last year. The quality of the lip colors were similar~very pigmented with a soft creamy feel. They are not the most moisturizing and since my lips tend to be a bit dry, I do like to prep with a balm before applying these colors. The shades in the Kudoki Kabuki set do seem to have a touch of shimmer to them when you look at the bowls but the shimmer does not show up when swatched. The Kudoki Kabuki set is currently available at online at Nordstrom.


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