Friday, July 29, 2011

Nars Night Series

While in the Nars boutique recently, I saw this small display for Nars Night Series which consisted of 4 polishes and 1 palette. Each of the polishes are based on the "night" eyeshdow of the same name. Here are quick bottle pics and swatches.

L->R: Night Breed, Night Flight and Night Rider

Night Porter

L->R: Night Rider, Night Flight and Night Breed

Night Rider mani
Polishes applied pretty smoothly, although they are on the thicker side.

The Night Series palette is different from the one that was previously released, although half of the palette are repeat colors; Night Star, Night Rider and Night Clubbing.

Top Row: Night Star, Night Clubbing, and Night Porter
Bottom Row: Night Rider, Night Flight and Night Breed

Will have swatches and more pics in the next post.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dior Fall 2011~Blue Tie Collection

Here are the additional pics for the Blue Tie Palette in Smoking Blue and Tuxedo Polish. I had also picked up the Vintage Rose blush and Rouge Serum Lipstick in Coral Crystal.

Exterior of the Blue Tie Palette


With the lip gloss compartment opened

Swatches of the lip gloss and shadows
(Upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right):

The left side shadows were a bit dry and took some effort to build up the color; it may be because they are more matte than the right side shadows which have more shimmer to them and applied much smoother.

Tuxedo polish in natural lighting:

In dimmer indoor lighting, the polish almost looks black. In natural lighting and brighter indoor lighting the blue shimmer color is more apparent.

Vintage Rose blush:

Sorry, I could capture a decent swatch. The left is a dusty pink, while the right is a shimmery peach.

Out of the five or so new Rouge Serum lipsticks, I picked Coral Crystal.

Love the plush moisturizing feel of this lipstick.

I have not seen this collection out other than at Saks; I can't wait to see which items are available at Sephora/Bloomingdales since the selection can vary a bit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dior Fall 2011~Blue Tie~ Preview

The Dior Blue Tie Collection was available at Saks. At first glance, I knew the Blue Tie Palette in Smoking Blue had to come home with me along with the Tuxedo polish. Just a quick pic of these items and a swatch pic of Tuxedo.

Indoor w/flash

I hope to have more pictures posted tomorrow.

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly Collection

I had ordered 2 of the new Jill Stuart Eye Jellys from the Summer collection and I realized that I have amassed quite a collection. I had posted about Eye jellys here (I can't believe that post was 2 years ago), but I figure I would do a general collection post to show the other Eye Jellys that I've acquired since that post.

These are the old Jill Stuart Eye Jellys, the new/current ones came out in 2009.

Indoor light

Natural light

Old JS Jelly (L->R) 01 Green Butterfly, 08 Smoked Glass, 17 Cystal Aqua

Current Jill Stuart Eye Jellys

Top Row: 03 Platinum Satin, 04 Mint Sorbet, 06 Berry Sparkle
Bottom Row: 08 Crystal Sky, 09 Midnight Shine

Swatch for 03, 04, 06, 08, 09:

More Eye Jellys....

Top Row: 11 Frosty Candy, 12 Twinkle Star
Bottom Row: 15 Chandelier Lace, 16 Romantic Cat

Swatch 11, 12, 15, 16:

Limited Edition Eye Jellys:

L->R: 101 Nude Veil, 102 Nocturnal Blossom, 103 Snow Parfait, 104 Satin Lingerie

Hope you've enjoyed the pics! Jill Stuart Eye Jellys are available through various overseas e-tailers.


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