Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hearts! and a giveaway

Maybe it's because Valentine's day is almost here but there's been a few heart themed releases. The first one I noticed was the mood boosting powders from Physicians Formula. I picked up the blushes, face powder and bronzer since there was a buy one get 50% off the second sale along with a $3 off coupon off on each item.

I love the design on these. They have a violet sent to them that is suppose to "provide a feeling of joy each time you apply". It's most noticeable in the pan but it fades once you apply it to your face. The scent reminds me of the Guerlain Meteorites powders =) There are also plant extracts that are meant to promote the feeling of happiness because they mimic the effects of Endorphins (feel good chemical released in your body). I don't know if I get a boost of happiness from these powders but they do go on very nicely. You can easily build up or play down the colors from the blush and bronzer. The face powder has a bit of shimmer to it but just enough so you have a bit of glow.

Left: Rose (medium pink), Right: Natural (dusty rose)

Face Powder in Beige

Light Bronzer

The other super adorable item was the Make Me Blush palette from Stila. It's currently sold out on the site, but offers a set with the blush and 2 lipglazes. The gold is just an overspray. I haven't used this item yet since I want to preserve the cuteness just a bit longer.

So just to share some love, I'm giving away a new Stila Make Me Blush palette along with a Paul & Joe make up pouch, sheet masks, mini Posie tint, Paul & Joe skincare samples and a light pink lip balm.

To Enter:
1- Be a public follower
2-Leave a comment in this post~tell me something you currently love

Please leave your entry by 2/1 (11:59 est)
Winner will be picked randomly

Monday, January 24, 2011

tokidoki Sodashop Palette

I was happy to see that tokidoki decided to release another palette and even more glad that the new Sodashop palette has a completely different set of eyeshadows. This palette has 12 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner, 1 nail file and a sheet of magnets housed in a decorated tin.

Tin in the clear plastic sleeve

Tin with sleeve removed. The tokidoki flag is a removable magnet

A sheet of magnets for decorating fun

Lid contains a large mirror. Bottom of tin holds the shadows, eyeliner and nail file.

There is a plastic sheet with the eyeshadow names printed on them.

Close up of eye shadows with plastic sheet removed. Eyeshadows are almost full sized (compared to the solo Cromatico shadows). They are listed as being 0.06 oz, while the solo shadows are 0.07oz.

Top row l->r: Skull donut (shimmery white), Potatino (light gold), Riposino (shimmery dark copper), Ciccio (shimmery light copper), Mummetto (matte dark brown), Mozzarella(shimmery dark taupe), Tulipano (matte lilac), Nancy Rocks (violet), Romeo (Shimmery Romeo)
Bottom row l->r: Ciotolina(shimmery moss green), Arrosta (dark grey), Furbina (dark purple with pink glitter)

The full-sized tokidoki perfetto eyeliner is in Carina, a dark eggplant (not swatched). The matte colors were a bit chalky and felt a bit sheer, but the other shadows were very nice. The shimmers were especially gorgeous; my favorite colors are Riposino, Mozzarella and Ciotolina. All the shades are exclusive to this palette it seems except for Nancy Rocks (which is available as a solo Cromatico shadow). The large nail file is a bit random to me but it looks cute in the set. If you were still interested in the Robbery palette (earlier post on that palette here) and haven't picked it up-it's currently on sale for $39. The Sodashop palette is $49.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lancome Spring 2011 polish-Violet Groove and Le 54

I saw that the Ultra Lavande collection for Spring was available on the Lancome website and I couldn't wait to get my mitts on the nail polishes-Violet Groove (violet creme) and Le 54 (sheer violet with blue glitter).

Here are the polishes with flash:

L->R: Violet groove, Le 54

Bottle pic without flash:


Violet groove (2 coats)

Le 54 (4 coats)

Pinkie-1 coat of Le 54 over Violet groove

I love Le 54 even though you need tons of coats to make it look opaque. The coats dried pretty fast though so it wasn't that time consuming. Here's the final notd:

I also picked up the Ombre Magnetique in Disco Gold and Ultra Lavande. I really like the texture of these and they make nice eyeshadow bases. Will post pics soon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Kitty x Sephora swatches

The Hello Kitty x Sephora collection is now officially available online. I've seen a handful of items at one of the Sephora stores in town so the line should soon be in-stores as well.

The Say Hello Palettes has 4 eye shadows and 4 lip glosses. For the Super Fun palette (Click here for product pics) the eye shadows are: Sugar Plum (pale lilac), Raindrop (dark grey), Sweet Plum (smoky purple with silver sparkles) and Goodnight Dreams (black with silver sparkles); the lip glosses are: Snowflake (clear), Pink confetti (sheer pink), Strawberry Cookie(sheer mauve) and Sweet plum (sheer plum). The eye shadows were nice, but the lip colors were super sheer so they were a bust.

Top (l->r): Snowflake, Pink confetti, Strawberry Cookie, Sweet plum
Bottom (l->r): Sugar Plum, Raindrop, Sweet Plum, Goodnight Dreams

The kohl eyeliner set has 7 liners-Goodnight Dreams (Black), Grape Juice (Violet), Chocolate Milk (Dark Brown), Happy Cloud (Light Gold), Blueberry (Turquoise), Bicycle (Forest Green), and Blue Sky (Navy). The liners are super smooth and the colors are lovely but they do seem to smudge pretty easily.

l->r: Goodnight Dreams, Grape Juice, Chocolate Milk,
Happy Cloud, Blueberry, Bicycle, Blue Sky

I decided to try the eyeshadow stick in Cupcake (light gold) and Cream Puff (silvery purple). They go on very smooth and makes a nice eyeshadow base. Cream puff was a great base for the eye shadows from the Super Fun palette.

The Big Smile gloss is a bit sticky but gives has a nice pigmentation to it. Swatch below is for Cheery (Medium pink).

The Sweet glosses, on the other hand, are pretty sheer and only give a hint of color. Below are swatches for Pink Bow (Sheer pink), Peachy (Sheer coral) and Goldfish (shimmery gold). All the Lip colors have a sweet fruity smell to them that reminded me a bit of sanrio erasers when I was growing up.

Top (l->r): Cupcake, Cream puff
Bottom (l->r): Cheery, Pink Bow, Peachy, Goldfish

I also tried out the nail polishes and nail stickers. Will post up pics for those items soon!

Overall, the Hello Kitty x Sephora items are nice but not necessarily amazing. The best part for me was the packaging-it was cute but not too cutesy. I liked that the Hello Kitty motif was printed on the products and not stickered on. The packaging design was pretty clean for the items and not gaudy. As for picking up more from this collection, I will probably try a more eyeshadow sticks and nail polish. I did not get many of the accessories items since I knew I wouldn't really use them. Between this collection and the Mac one, I think I may like this one a bit more for the more pleasing packaging and variety of products. Which one do you prefer?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Revlon Not So Blueberry Scented Polish

During my latest drugstore hopping trip, I've noticed a mess of new Revlon displays. One was advertising their scented nail polish but it was interesting that on the display it said it was Revlon's first scented polish...I was a bit confused since I re-called Revlon releasing a scented polish last year. So I bought Not So Blueberry (to compare to the earlier release by the same name) and Mon Cherry.

I did some stash digging and found my original Not so Blueberry. The 2009 release actually spells it as "Not So Blue-berry" while this year's edition is "Not So Blueberry."

The 2 are a bit different. The 2009 edition is more silvery while 2010 edition has more blue/lavender to it. The scent seems to be about the same. Of the two, I like the 2010 one a bit more since I find the deeper color a bit more flattering for me.

Yes, my kitty was chilling in the sink while I took pics =)

With flash

No flash

With flash
Turns out there are 16 shades of Scented polish available. The Revlon website is a bit misleading, it looks like you can order online but when you checkout, you get pushed to doesn't at the moment seem to have the newer products so check out your local drugstore if you're interested in some scented polish. I got a few of the CustomEyes palettes and Colorburst lip glosses-both which I like a lot so far, more info to come =)


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