Friday, June 19, 2009

Coffret D'Or -Purple, Visee, EOTDs and NOTDs

I liked the blue green Coffret D'Or Color Mixing Eyes palette so much that I decided to get the purple lavender one too.

Indoor lighting no flash and with flash


I actually put on this palette right away at work since I didn't get a chance to put on any make up in the am. Thank goodness I can close my office door at lunch and primp away.

Also wearing the Shiseido mascara base and MM lash expander-yay! for lashes that actually show up in pics!

On the topic of summer palettes, today I received 2 of the new Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes. I had really liked the Blackish Forming Eyes palettes and the blue (A-5) brilliance forming palette really called to me (even though I have a bijillion other blue palettes, lol). I also got the green shade (A-4) another color that I have tons of variations but somehow I think I will find a different one, lol. These palettes have very good pigmentation and the colors are very smooth and shimmery just like the Blackish Forming palettes. One difference is that the color on the lower left is a cream shade. I don't know what it is with the cream shadow kick going on for the summer collections.

Natural lighting

With flash

The green palette has a light green with yellow shimmer, medium olive green, a bronze-y green color and a golden white cream shadow. The first 2 two colors remind me of the Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes palette in C-4, go figure considering they are both from the Kose.

The blue palette has a light shimmery blue, a light cornflower blue, a dark indigo with multi color shimmer and a silver white cream shadow. The swatches are looking a bit more purple in pictures than in real life.

Natural lighting

With Flash

I couldn't wait to wear the blue palette:

For mascara-it's Shiseido base and Guerlain Waterproof mascara in Bleu Cruise (the blue color actually shows up!)

A few days ago, I wore the JS eye jelly in Midnight shine with Nars South Pacific eyeshadow duo. I'm also wearing Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner in Deepest Black. Mascara is Shiseido base and MM lash expander.

That's it for the EOTD's!

Moving on to nails! I had decided to try Calgel wraps earlier this month. I went to the same salon that M had gone to for her nails. It was a nice place but I was just ok with how my nails came out. I liked the base color but it wasn't as smooth as I would like since gel was near the end of the container, the color was uneven in spots.

I left the wraps on for about a week and I got tired of it. I also thought that it was starting to chip a bit. In the first week, the salon is willing to fix any chipping, but it wasn't worth the trek for me to go back to the salon and it was very minor. I think I just noticed bc I was staring at my nails all the time. The wraps did help my nails grow a bit and they were pretty easy to soak off although since I got glitter tips-it required a lot more effort since there were extra layers of calgel.

Anyway I got them off and painted my nails with a faceshop polish in a really pretty lilac color:

I added glitter at the tips and some konad stamping =)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thank You's

Sorry for being super tardy. I wanted to thank Miss Wiggle and Eleganteve for giving me the adorable blog award:

I don't know who to tag that hasn't been tagged yet so yes, if you're reading this than consider yourself tagged =)

Another thank you goes to Diana aka Mayaari, I got my giveaway prize last week and woah, I could not believe how much was in this little box =) Even the kitties were excited to find out what was inside.

Here's what was inside:

It's my first win ever and I could not be happier with the prize! The fringe holder is awesome and I finally get the chance to try out the lash expander-such good stuff! I see why it's one of her faves. I still have to try out the masks, lashes, nyx goodies etc I'll definitely enjoy this prize for some time. Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Coffret D'Or Mixing Eyes -Blue Green

I had seen this Coffret D'or Palette highlighted in a few Japanese magazines for the past few months and I was highly anticipating it's release. I was weary since I was afraid that the colors would be too sheer or similar to other colors that I have but I caved and ordered this palette right away.

Outside of the compact is mirror-like and annoyingly shows smudgey finger prints quite easily. There is a cute cross pattern of pink crystals.

Inside the palette (no flash and with flash).
Colors are a lime green, light blue, white and a navy shade for lining.

Swatches (no flash and with flash)

When I did a hand swatch, the colors didn't look super pigmented but when I wore them for the first time with some UDPP, the colors showed quite well. Light blues tend to turn green on me and but the one in this palette did stay true with some layering. I also really liked the navy liner-it was dark enough to give a good line without too much effort. The shadows lasted all day and stayed pretty vibrant. Although late into the night, one eye did have some creasing while the other was fine. Go figure. Sorry no eotd, when I took a pic the colors looked more washed out than they really were in real life. Will have to give it a shot in natural lighting and hope I have better results.

I'm pleased I purchased this palette and now I'm eyeing the lavender purple version. There is also a brown shade, silver pink, beige black versions available.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jill Stuart Summer 2009-Eye jelly and lip jelly

It was an icky rainy day in NYC, I was cheered up by having access to waffles near the office and the fact that I had gotten a few of the new Jill Stuart items in the mail.

I couldn't resist getting some of the new eye jellys. I loved the shimmer that they give and they last quite a long time. I ended up putting on 2 colors this afternoon and they held all day (I did have some udpp and eyeshadow on as well). I ordered the 3 eye jellys: berry sparkle, crystal sky and midnight shine. Berry sparkle is a bright pink color, crystal sky is a mauve-y color and midnight shine is more of a dark indigo (purple/blue) than a dark navy as the swatch online shows.

L-R: Berry sparkle, crystal sky and midnight shine

Crystal sky is the eye color worn in the JS advertisement for this collection along with Dimond snow (pearly white, not pictured). On lips, the model is wearing the lip jelly in Sensual Nude, which I also fell in love with. The jelly has a very nice texture, it gives your lips lots of shimmer and shine without being sticky.

Swatches! Sensual nude on top.
Berry sparkle, crystal sky and midnight shine on bottom, L ->R

In case anyone was wondering, the new eye jellys have the same fruity scent consistency as the old jellys, but there are differences in the packaging.

Overall, new container is smaller and more decorated than old container.

The opening is also smaller in the new container.

However, both containers are label as 6g. Upon closer inspection, the new container is actually deeper than the old container and goes pass the part with the grooves for the lid while the old container was more shallow.

For summer 09, there was also a new illuminance eye shadow palette released but it didn't catch my eye enough to purchase. I am looking forward to perhaps getting more jellys =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blog Sale Directory and an unrelated rant

Just read a few posts on this Blog Sale Directory that was put up by mrs Kalia. This is such a great idea since there are quite a few blog stores/sale sites going on. It's still in a set-up phase so more links will be added soon.

Er, a unrelated rant. So after getting my nails done and shopping a bit. I came home and really had to pee. I dash ahead of a couple slowly walking on my block and run into my building. I am across the lobby almost to the stairs when that couple happens to come through the front door and the girl shouts to me that I'm really rude for not holding the door for them. I turned around and told then "Sorry I have to use the restroom so I can't wait for you" and continue walking since that seem to shut her up. I get annoyed if people don't hold the door when I am right behind someone but these people were not right behind me. I was able to open the door and dash across the lobby before they even got to the door so don't tell me that I'm a rude person, you're the snob who things others should hold the door and wait for you! ugh.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beautymaker foundation, concealer and lipgloss

One of the first items from Beautymaker that I had decided to try was the Aqua Light Creamy Foundation. I had been looking for a decent foundation and since there has been general raves about the Beauty maker items I decided to give it a shot. I picked the darkest one offered: #3.

It looked a bit dark in the jar but wears a bit lighter. (L to R: No flash and with flash)

It blends very easily and I love the finish that it gives-not too chalky or too dewy and it gives pretty good coverage. It evened my skin tone and help hide some blemishes although my super under eye circles were still visible, they were diminished. You can build the coverage a bit more, but since it has a thicker consistency it may look a bit cakey if layered on too much. Sadly, I got this before my trip to Bermuda and I think that it's a bit too light for me now. Sigh. During the blogger meet-up, I actually ended up purchasing the Paul and Joe Foundation in 50 (I was using 40 before the trip).

I'm also wearing the beautymaker concealing cream in #3 under my eyes. I had originally gotten #1 since I thought there was only one shade offered, but then other shade options popped up and I got #3, which was the darkest offered although now there is a #4 available.

Since I can't resist lip glosses I decided to try the Color Plump l/g in #1, a cool pink color and the Sweet Heart l/g in Peach. Swatch below the lip glosses is the BB concealing cream #3.

Both the gloss are on the thinner side, definitely not sticky or goopy. They give a nice shine although after applying the Sweet Heart l/g on bare lips today, my lips did start to get a bit itchy so it may go up on the blog sale, which is a shame since it is such a pretty peach color. I didn't notice it the first time I wore this l/g since I think I had layered it over a lipstick. I purchased all items through and you can enter MMK06 for 10% off, coupon expires on June 30th. =)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sale update + Sabon

I've updated my sale blog, click on the link on the right to see the new items (smashbox, more Mac, lunasol and beautymaker).

Since M and Lynn raved about Sabon during the blogger meet up, I caved the next day and picked up some stuff.

Almost everything is in a glass container and they wrap each item in paper and ribbon. If you tell them it's a present they'll do even fancier wrapping. Which can be annoying if you're stuck in line behind a couple who bought a ton of stuff (some of which were presents) and there is only one person behind the counter. Anyway here's the unwrapped products:

I purchased the body gel polisher and lotion in Ginger Carrot. I didn't get a scrub since I wanted something I could use everyday. The body gel does contain tiny beads for gentle exfoliation. The scent is amazing, it's like a lighter version of the Origins Ginger collection. I loved the Origin's Ginger items but sometimes the scent was a bit strong. I'm eyeing the Lavender Apple items next from Sabon.

I also bought their lipgloss in #1, a pretty pale pink with gold shimmer. It has pretty good pigmentation and is unscented (there is a scent which was kind of weird at first but it's not overwhelming).

FYI- I had to do this post standing up since my fatty fat fat cat (technically this is the bf's cat) decided to take over my chair. If you saw my tweet-this is the same cat who decided today that it would be cute to jump on my back. He'll jump and just purr till I throw him off. Crazy furball.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mayaari's giveaway

I'm a bit tardy on this, but Mayaari's having a giveaway with 2 awesome prize packs. Deadline to enter is tomorrow (6/4)...go go go visit her page!

She's also having a blogsale!

Maquillage Summer '09

I loved the 3D Maquillage palettes so when I saw they were releasing 2 new versions for the summer, I jumped on them.

Here is the Gold palette (no flash, with flash):

Swatches (no flash, flash):

Here is the silver palette (no flash, flash):

Silver palette swatches (no flash, flash):

What surprised me was that all the shadows were in a creme form. Since the previous 3D palettes had a cream base and liner color with 3 powder shadows. The next surprised was how shimmery these colors were. I think they may be a bit OTT for work although that didn't stop me from putting on the silver palette during lunch time. The darker colors are not as sparkly so that helps tone down the lighter colors. I do like the Silver palette a bit more right now, but I'll have to play with both a bit more before I play favorites. The shadows lasted decently through the day with some UDPP primer.

I wasn't too interested in the colored mascara/liner combo that was being released in this collection at first, but I recently purchased the Guerlain Blue mascara and loved the way it looked so I decided to give the Violet mascara/liner a try.

I have not used the mascara yet but the brush is pretty interesting-it has a comb side, a brush side and a few bristles at the tip.

I really like the liner color (no flash, flash):

Definitely more play time is needed but I think these items are a pretty additions for summer, although I think I do like having powder shadows in the palettes a bit more than the creme shadows (I always thought the creme base in the previous palettes felt a bit greasy). I may also give another liner/mascara combo a try since I like the violet so much.


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