Monday, May 23, 2016

Givenchy Teint Couture Metal Cushion - Mini Review and Comparisons

When Sephora was having a VIB/VIB Rouge member sale, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Givenchy Teint Couture Portable Fluid Foundation (official label-I will just refer to it as their metal cushion). I've liked Givenchy foundations in the past and when I tried the testers for this one in the store; the product did feel very light and moisturizing while giving a really nice finish. 

Sleek compact

Includes a puff that sits right on the metal plate

Push down on the plate and the foundation comes up

 So this item isn't my first metal cushion. The first one I tried was by the Korean brand VDL. It stood out in the sea of cushions because of the metal plate which felt more hygienic than the foam cushion and it does give a pleasant cooling effect when you apply the product. The second version that I tried was by another Korean brand SU:M37 which I purchased mainly because the casing was really pretty.

VDL x Kakao Friends case

SU:M37 x Bahk Seon Ghi

Right: SU:M37 Air Rising Glow Cover, Left: VDL Beauty Metal Cushion

Now how does the Givenchy compare to these metal cushions? Structurally the compacts are pretty much the same even though the Givenchy one is made in France while the other 2 are made in Korea. A relevant note on cushion compacts (metal or foam): the inner cushion part are usually meant to pop out and be replaced after a certain period of time. Korean cushions often come with a filled case and an additional refill. The Givenchy even with the high price tag - does not come with a refill and none are available for sale. However, the cushion does pop out and does fit in the other metal cushion casings and vice versa. 

Inner metal cushion part separated from the case (you just have to push on the center bottom)
Givenchy metal cushion in the SU:M37 case
As much as I liked the finish and feel of the Givenchy cushion foundation I ended up returning it because none of the 6 shade offerings seem to work for me. I picked up 4 Fresh Beige which ended up being quite pink once I applied it to my face. No. 3 Fresh Sand seemed to be a bit more yellow/neutral but too light and 5 Fresh Honey was definitely too deep. For comparison, here is the Givenchy swatched against the Korean cushions which are also limited in how well they match my skintone but I work with it.  Once I had done these swatches; I didn't realize before now deep the Givenchy shade appeared to be especially against the other shades - Sephora does seem to have tricky lighting....
Indoor; natural lighting

Indoor; direct window lighting
Overall, I was disappointed that the shades for the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion didn't work for me (although wallet was happy) even though the formula seem really nice. It did give a lovely blurring effect and natural finish. The Korean cushions may not have as appealing formula and texture (the foundations are a bit thicker and do have a dewier finish) but for half the price and twice as much product - they are pretty good. I hope that Givenchy will eventually expand their shade offerings and provide the opportunity to purchase just refills then this product will definitely have the appeal for me to throw my money at it once again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Missha x Line Friends - Tension Blusher Cushion, Jelly Tint, Tint Remover and Dual Blending Cushion Eyeshadow

The other adorable collection that caught my eye is the Missha x Line Friends collaboration. Line is another mobile communications app with popular sticker characters that have popped on on a variety of merchandise. Missha came out with a collection earlier this year but as much as I liked the packaging; I didn't think I would use the items much. Last month, the product line was expanded and I decided to get my hands on some goods.


I purchased the Tension Blusher in CR02 Rose Dress, Jelly Tint in Maple Latte, Dual Blending Cushion Eyeshadow in London Trip and the Lip Tint Remover. The mug pictured was an add on item with my purchase for a small price.

In the earlier releases, there were face cushions released with a similar Brown (name of the character) case. I figured the shades would be too light for me so I resisted ordering. So I was glad to see the Tension blushers released since the compact is so cute. It looks very similar to a standard face cushion however it is smaller and the inside has a mesh that goes over the product so you dab the puff on that instead of direct contact with a sponge. I'm guessing it's a means of keeping the product contained since the blush is a thin liquid. CR02 Rose Dress is a natural looking deep pink that give a nice flush.
Inner lid and puff
Mesh overlay
The next new addition to this collaboration is the Jelly Tint. It's a pretty opaque liquid tint. I was mainly interested in the Maple Latte color because it wasn't the standard red, pink, orange shades that are usually released. It's a lovely muted dark rose color. The tint remover is a clear liquid gel that comes in a pump bottle. I did one pump, applied the gel and wiped off the product. It did seem to work well without drying my lips.
The last item I ordered was the Dual Blending Cushion Eye shadow. The shade London Trip has a light bronze color on one end and a dark shimmery brown on the other end. The product goes on smoothly and last well with a primer.
London Trip
Swatches l -> r: London Trip, Rose Dress and Maple Latte

That was my Missha haul! Going to try the curb the lure of the other cute items that may be coming out soon but I hope you found the post helpful.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Face Shop x Kakao Friends - Sun Cushion, Photogenic Sun Blur, Melting Color Lip Creamers and Sheet Masks

The Face Shop recently released a Kakao friends collaboration that had some super cute items. In case you're wondering - Kakao is a South Korean Internet company that offers a variety of services. The most popular being Kakao talk - a free messaging service. The Kakao friends are characters in the app and help to liven up your messages. Each one has a different personality, which you can read about here. The most prominent one in this collaboration is Muzi- a radish dressed up as a bunny. I love bunnies so I couldn't resist getting a few pieces.

Baby Sun Cushion and Photogenic Sun Blur.
A big focus for this collection is suncare. The baby sun cushion has SPF34 PA++ and ingredients that are gentle enough for a baby's skin including organic Sunflower Sprout Extract and a Mineral UV filter. It can also be washed off with water. I primarily got this for the adorable case which is matte and the design is printed on (not a sticker). It is re-fillable once the sunscreen runs out and I discovered that it is compatible with iope cushion refills. 

The puff is so cute; the white tray lifts to reveal the cushion.
 The other suncare item I ordered was the photogenic sun blur which has SPF50+ PA+++ and promises to brighten your skintone and give a soft-focus effect. I was looking to see if this would be a suitable primer under foundations and it seems to work. It does deliver a brightening/smoothing effect. One negative is that it does have a fairly heavy scent - reminds me of a shampoo - maybe pert plus?

Top: right out of the tube; Bottom: blended
There were also some Melting Color Lip Creamer (what a name) shades released. I picked 10 Fresh Muzi (bright orange) and 12 Cute Frodo (peach). They are pretty pigmented and have a hydrating lip balm texture and contains sugar so it will "melt" on your lips.
Cute packaging

Caps twist off. Right: Muzi, left: Frodo, about 3 swipes?
The last item I got from this collection were the sheet masks. They are sold individually or in a box of five (one of each character). I got the box of five and these masks are a bit scary because they do have the character faces printed on the sheet. I had received 2 bonus masks - Frodo (Olive - Moisturizing) and Neo (Blueberry - Resilience) and tested both out. They were ok masks but they were more novelty than anything else.
R-> L: Frodo (Olive - Moisturizing), Neo (Blueberry - Resilience), Muzi (Apple - Soothing), Tube (Cotton seed - Brightening), Apeach (Hyaluronic acid - Hydrating)
It's a cute collection and I think all the products are pretty solid. I do wonder if this was a one-off collab or it will be expanded in future seasons. It would be nice to see a regular cushion or other lip products (personal fave is the ink lipquids). Other types of items in this current collection are concealers, eye shadow palettes and purfume. Hope you liked this post; it's been ages since my last entry but I wanted to share some pics/info on these since they are still pretty new and my next post will be about another cute collaboration that was released last month as well- stay tuned!


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