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Monday, May 27, 2013

MÜLE (뮬) - Sparkling Star Palette (스파클링 스타 팔레트)

Since it had been awhile since I had seen any new products from Mule, I did a quick search on eBay and spotted a listing for a palette but I thought the price was a bit high. I did a search on Gmarket and found much more reasonable prices so I decided to get over my Gmarket hesitations and placed an order.

The palette was larger than I expected; each pan is about the same as the Mac Pro Longwear eyeshadow pans. There are 2 rows of powder eyeshadows and one row of lip/cheek cream colors.

A tube of Chanel Coco Rouge for size reference

There was a leaflet included that had 2 looks and color names.

 Swatches were done indoors on bare skin with natural lighting, no flash. 
Shade names are based on google translate results.
 First row: Sugar Lily (Lavender), New York Yellow (Gold), Apple Green (Lime green), Shot Black (Charcoal Grey), Talk Pink (Beige Pink)

 Second row: Honey Brown (Taupe), Deep Blue (Violet), Strawberry Macaroon (Bright Matte Pink), Luminous White (White with gold sheen), Deep Purple (Brown Purple)

  Third row: Holiday Red (Warm Red), New York Pink (Pastel Pink), Holiday Orange (Bright Tangerine), Nude Beige, Splendid Pink (Fuchsia)

The eyeshadows have a nice soft texture and go on fairly smooth although there is a bit of kick up when dabbing with a brush. When applied over primer, the colors last close to a full day with just minimal fading. I've only used the lip/cheek colors on the lips and they have nice pigmentation. They aren't the most moisturizing so I would suggest using a lip balm underneath. To see the palette in action, here are 2 looks from Jung Saem Mool's channel - Look 1, Look 2; I do believe that these are the same looks that are shown in the leaflet.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

MÜLE(뮬): Make Your Own Rule Theme 1 Make Up

I thought I had posted about this make-up collection but quickly realized that I had dropped the beauty blogging ball on this topic. So *cough* these items were purchased last year. MÜLE is the beauty brand from Jung Saem Mool, a popular Korean make-up artist. I had discovered her youtube channel and liked the tutorials that were posted but I had not realized she had released a make-up line till a few other bloggers were tweeting about some of the items. I visited the channel to see what they were talking about and the items piqued my interest. I was still fearful of using gmarket at the time so I ordered a set from evil-bay that included the Artist Essential Primer, Artist Correcealer Balm in Shade 02, Artist Curve Brush & Puff and Moist Fixing Powder.

 Boxed items and a pamphlet that was included (along with an intruding cat)

Items unboxed

Artist Essential Primer
A dual phase liquid that consists of 7 plant based essential oils.

 Artist Correcealer Balm in Shade 02
Compact includes a fingerprint sponge. There is a mirror under the tips sheet on top.

On the right, there is a removable screen. 

Shade 02 has a peach face color and a foundation shade (I'm guessing suitable to about NC30). The foundation has a consistency similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua but has a heavier feel to it. I found the foundation balm to be a bit light for my skin tone and the undertone was a bit off. I can wear this shade during winter months but the color match is so so.  I will try to update with a swatch.

Upon opening the lid, the screen is to help remove excess when using the Artist Essential brush and the surface next to the screen is for use with the fingerprint puff.

Artist Curve Brush and Puff
 The brushes were the most anticipated items from the set. The brush is very soft and dense and works well with liquid and cream foundations. The puff is nice with cream blushes and I like the option of not having to apply blush with my fingers. 

I've washed the brushes a few times and they've both have held up well - no shedding or distortion.

Moist Fixing Powder

A setting powder with pearl particles. Gives a nice soft finish when applied. The puff is designed to emulate a fingertip and you apply the powder in dabbing motions to the face. The top does crew off so you can use a brush if you prefer. This powder reminded me of the Mac Magically Cool Liquid Powder from the Disney Villains Collection.

Here's a video showing all the products in action. This brand is a bit hard to purchase outside of Korea but gmarket is a decent option if you are interested.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Insta nails

I've been a bad blogger but I've been trying to be active and share through instagram...Here are a few polish related pics~

 Base is L'oreal Tea and Crumpets. Stamping with a BM plate and topshop polish.

 Hare polish in Pegasus and King of Caratflowers

 Cirque polish in Galinda and XX

 Hungry Asian polish

 New Revlon polishes: Eclectic, Enchanting, Urban and Girly

Revlon Girly vs. nails inc. Topping Lane vs. Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop
I used Revlon Eclectic and Enchanting, along with theFaceShop BL601

Laura Mercier Customizable Artist Palettes Sets

Laura Mercier has released 2 customizable artist palettes sets recently. I had purchased the Laura's Colour Favorites set at Bergdorfs awhile ago and more recently, I ordered the Signature Colour Trend set through the saksfifthavenue website. The mini eye shadows are adorable and the caviar eye liners are one of my favorite Laura Mercier products so I am pretty pleased with both sets.

 Top: Laura's Colour Favorites
Bottom: Signature Colour Trend

 Each set comes with an empty six pan customizable palette

 Laura's Colour Favorites palette
Top quartet: Twilight Grey/Pale Pink/Topaz/African Violet
Bottom quartet: Gilded Pines/Cinnamon/Gold Royale/Pink Pearl
Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Chocolate Brown
Caviar Eye Liner in Chestnut
Second Skin Cheek Colour in Sweet Mandarin
Bronzing Pressed Powder in Matte Bronze

Faux Lash Mascara in Black, Lip Glacé in Raspberry and  Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Crème Coral

 Signature Colour Trend Palette
Top quartet: Platinum Pink/Steel Violet/Graphite/Driftwood
Bottom quartet: Tiger's Eye/Baroque/Sandstone/Coffee Ground
Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Black Ebony
Caviar Eye Liner in Cocoa Plum
Second Skin Cheek Colour in Orange Blossom
Bronzing Pressed Powder in Golden Bronze

 Brush bag with Cheek Colour, Eye Colour, Smoky Eye Liner (I haven't tried this one yet but the full size is awesome) and Flat Eye Liner travel size brushes.

Laura's Colour Favorites palette can be ordered through Neiman Marcus and the Signature Colour Trend Palette is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

L'oreal infallible eye shadows~Miss Candy and US summer releases

Hello! I'm finally posting these pictures of the new L'oreal infallibles that have been released here in the US and overseas. Hopefully, they're still useful!

 Top row: Naughty Strawberry, Sassy Marshmallow and Innocent Turquoise
Bottom row: Liquid Diamond, Endless Sea, Glistening Garnet, Smoldering Plum and Bottomless Java
Close ups of the shadows:
Naughty Strawberry, Sassy Marshmallow and Innocent Turquoise

 Liquid Diamond, Endless Sea, Glistening Garnet

 Smoldering Plum and Bottomless Java


 Natural light

Indoor lighting
 Top: Liquid Diamond (grey with pink flashes), Sassy Marshmallow (silver)
Bottom: Glistening Garnet (plummy dark pink), Naughty Strawberry (medium bright pink), Innocent Turquoise (sky blue), Endless sea (medium blue green)

 Natural light
Burning Black (black with red shimmer), Smoldering plum (Shimmery dark purple), Bottomless Java (Medium bronze), Continuous Cocoa (Dark brown)

Indoor light
Continuous Cocoa (Dark brown), Bottomless Java (Medium bronze), Smoldering plum (Shimmery dark purple), Burning Black (black with red shimmer)
I had ordered the Miss Candy infallibles (Naughty Strawberry, Sassy Marshmallow and Innocent Turquoise) from; however, I believe that they have stopped shipping L'oreal products outside of EU :(

I've spotted the other infallibles in a variety of drugstores. I had skipped the earlier US summer releases since they had seem similar to infallibles that I had owned.

Bronze Goddess (Overseas release) vs Gleaming Bronze (US)

Since these 2 were dupes. I figured that Gold Imperial would be the dupe of Goldmine and Pink Sapphire would be the dupe of Forever Pink. I've recently received the infallibles from the L'or Electric collection that was released in Europe/Asia-hope to have pics posted soon....It's rough keeping up with all the new infallible shades being released but I'm glad this line is expanding in some fab colors.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Cheek and Lip products

Hello! Part of my blogging absence has been due to a vacation to Tokyo! I came back and endured a few days of jet lag. I've finally gotten myself together to share one of my major beauty acquisitions while in Japan.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée debut in late January with only one counter located in the Misukoshi Department Store in the Ginza area of Tokyo. The parent company for this line is Albion which is also the parent of Paul and Joe Beauté and Sonia Rykiel Beauté. The packaging for this beauty collection is sublime and fitting with the famed Parisian macaron maker.

One of the more intriguing products is the Face Color Rose Ladurée Cheek Color. This item is composed of silk (?) rose petals coated in a colored powder. I bought color o1. The petals are sold separately from the blush holder.

Blush pot (holder) is made of translucent plastic
The lid just sits on top of the base with no actual seal
The Rose Petals comes in a plastic container with a drawstring pouch
So pretty....
In theory, you can swirl your face brush over the petals to pick up the cheek color but the testers at the counter didn't seem to the end, the most efficient manner was to rub the petal on your skin. I have not tried out the "fresh" petals so there are no swatches in this post for this item.

The other cheek item I purchased was the Pressed Cheek Color in 02. The pigmentation in these cheek colors were definitely stronger than the Rose Petal blushes.

Case on the left and refill in 02 on the right (sold separately)

Refill placed into the case. There is a sticker tab to hold it in the casing.Brush has a compartment underneath the blush
Cheek Color 02 in natural light next to the window
Sorry for lack of a swatch, the sun was setting and I was running out of time. I've worn this blush a few times now and have found it to be lovely. I hope to pick up more when this collection reaches American shores. I've read the estimated time frame is sometime in 2013 :/

The last item(s) I have to share are the lip rouges. They have a soft lipstick feel and subtle shine. I picked up 04 (mauve pink) and 05 (light carmel nude). The Rouges have a Cameo charm on them and have a twist up mechanism. A caveat is that the lip color can be turned up but cannot retract so you will need to be careful how much product is pushed up.
Top: Color 05; Bottom: Color 04
04 close up
05 close up

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! I will try to capture swatches for the cheek colors soon and share more goods from Tokyo :) For pictures of the Face Color Rose Ladurée in 02, please click here. For counter pictures and more, please see Rouge Deluxe's posts here and here.


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