Friday, July 17, 2015

Glambot Selling Experience

What to do when you're a former? retired? beauty blogger with way too many items and not enough time to manage selling items through your own blogsale? You try to see what options are available online. You come upon a site that will take in make up items, give you an offer in cash or store credit (with a bonus amount) and you think that it's exactly what you need to purge and clean up/out your collection.

The first time I used glambot to get rid of my items. I got a pretty great offer (over $300) for my lot of probably close to 50 items of mostly high range items (Chanel, Dior etc.). My next offer was around $250 - ok, I thought it was probably because I sent a lot with more mid range items (Mac, Lorac etc.). Subsequently, my next offer was even lower. It took forever for my parcel to be processed (over a month and a half). I was being patient since it was getting close to holiday time) but it was hard to get a response from customer service to check the status. Another instance, when I finally received an offer, I was told xyz brand was not accepted even though I found items from those brand available for purchase and text that cited they would take any brand with items being sold through their website. I was able to receive a slightly better revised offer with some pushing.

My most recent experiences will probably be my last since the offers have been very meh but hey, I need to more space in my apt and items need a better home (hopefully) so I've accepted them instead of dealing with having items returned (which you will have to pay back shipping for). I have read stories of equally low balled amounts for items so I feel better know others have been in the same boat.

Glambot has been faster in their processing so I will give them that credit but I definitely question their fairness in deciding what offer will be given. I've asked them for more feedback and clarification in the past to understand my low(er) offers and have been brushed off. It would be nice to know if only x out of y items were accepted or something concrete like that to base the offers on. I was told that "desirability" was one of the main factors in establishing the offer amounts which leads to a lot of grey for them to use. Maybe, they've gotten more popular so they don't "desire" the items I'm sending since they have items from other people? It's also a bummer that on the site, if you are a buyer - you only see a stock photo rather than the actual item you are purchasing. I think in the beginning it use to be an actual picture. No purchasing from me, but that is another point that makes me wary with this company. So that's been my experience. I'm glad I was able to downsize my collection but moving forward, I will find other sites to use or will try to go back to posting on my own page.

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