Monday, February 21, 2011

Paul & Joe Spring 2011 + Crackle Notd

There was another bout of snow in New York today, it made me even more eager for Spring to arrive already. Until then, I'll have to settle for the pretty Paul & Joe Spring colors.

The new eye colors for spring are really interesting. They have a soft slippy texture almost like the ombre magnetique shadows from Lancome. They pack a lovely shimmer to them. The leaflet included suggest applying the shadow with your finger. Pics below are in natural light indoors.

Top: 002(Woman With a Parasol), 003(Sunbeam),
Bottom: 004(Pique-Nique), 005 (En Plein Air)

002(Woman With a Parasol), 003(Sunbeam)

004(Pique-Nique), 005 (En Plein Air)

Random eotd using 002~the flash washed out the color a bit :(

Pretty packaging-the nail polishes and eye shadow duos share the same design on their boxes

007 Dapple and 009 Ray

010 Splendor and 008 Sunshine

Indoor flash

Indoor natural light

L->R: 007, 009, 011 Prism (no bottle pic), 010 and 008

Polishes do have the signature Paul & Joe floral scent.

Last week I got my set of China Glaze Crackle polishes. I was on the fence whether I liked the look or not based on the OPI Black shatter pics I've seen, but being able to have different colored crackle seemed pretty fun.

I decided to test them out over the Paul & Joe polishes

L->R: Crushed candy over 008 Sunshine, Lightening Bolt over 010 Splendor, Fault Line over 007 Dapple, and Cracked Concrete over 009 Ray

My favorite was Fault Line over Dapple. Forgot to take a pic with my reg camera. I only had this cell phone pic:

Then after a few days, I decided to let 007 Dapple shine on it's own:


Popcorn said...

those eyeshadows LOOK amazing!!! I really want to get all of them, but then that would cost me a fortune. :(

awww the polishes are soo cute~ ohhh im glad to hear that they still have that signature scent. :)

MM said...

Amazon was selling all 6 china glaze crackle for $38 bucks including shipping.. do you think it's worth it? I also live in NYC.. can you tell me where I can get Paul and Joe goodies?

Jenn said...

@MM I didn't want to hunt around for these polishes and I never got the chance to try Black shatter so I bought the set for about the same price. If you like all the colors, it's not a bad deal (Although I think ChG polishes are usually around $4 each).

Paul and Joe can be found at Bergdorf Goodman =)

Stephanie said...

I love the light sapphire and amethyst eyeshadow duo best! It's so gorgeous :)

I went to look for the China Glaze Crackle polishes and they only had 1 teal one left! lol They're so sought after here. I still haven't had much time to play with my OPI's Shatter Polish yet. I must get on it! I love the white & purple one you have!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the swatches! as always the nail colours are amazing~

Sarah said...

ooo the crackle skittle mani is really kind of awesome :D

Unknown said...

oh the nails i love love love love x

Shop N' Chomp said...

So pretty! I love the light shimmer those eyeshadows give off. =D

Unknown said...

love all of these easter eye colors!!

<3 steffy


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