Thursday, October 14, 2010

NARS Bento Box Set

The NARS Bento Box has been generating quite some buzz, including a mention in the New York Times Magazine. With the expected release date of November 1st, I was surprised to find out yesterday that Saks Fifth Avenue has received some stock of this item and that it was available for purchase. So here are the pics! As with the Paul & Joe sets, I have yet the heart to use this item; so no swatches. I think I need to start a museum like display case of my own.

The hefty Bento Box Set comes in a matte black Nars box:

With the box lid removed:

The Bento Box itself is a black wooden lacquered box.

With the wooden lid lifted:

Inside are the 2 kabuki bowls and a kabuki lip brush.

The bowl lids come with padding:

Bowls revealed! L->R: Sakura and Maiko

Close up of Sakura (pink).
I did use flash for the pics but both lip colors are pretty vibrant.

Here's Maiko (Red):

Close up of the gorgeous kabuki lip brush. It is only available in the set. Although Nars does offer other kabuki brushes (I am eyeing the Yachiyo brush).

In case you're wondering on the size of the bowls.
Here is a bowl next to a full size Nars lip gloss:

Each bowl is labeled as having 0.12oz (3.5g) of product.

Without a doubt, this is a gorgeous luxe holiday item. Craftsmanship definitely went into the set and everything is solidly made. Is it something you can carry around and show off? No, but it does make a lovely display piece. I think I will eventually use it even though a part of me does want to keep it pristine. If you're interested, but not near Saks, there is a sign-up to be notified of when it's released on the Nars cosmetics site.


Leenda said...

Wow! It looks so nice! It definitely is different than other products in the market.

Unknown said...

Interesting! So glam!!! :)

reene said...

Omg.. gorgeous!!! I wouldn't have the heart to use them either. Thank you for sharing! ^^

Bijin Blair said...


How much does the set cost?

izumi said...

waaah! i just tweeted that i wanted this, hahaha. it looks even more gorgeous in your photos. i'm afraid to see it in store because i know i'll want it.. even to have it just for display (and i've never REALLY wanted an item JUST for display).

Unknown said...



I want!

Anonymous said...

=0 amazing!!! I love it!! I want one now!

Jenn said...

@Blair It's $125 usd. Yes, I closed my eyes when I handed over my card.

Leigh said...

I've already signed up! Thanks for the in-depth photos.

addictedtoysl said...

Thanks for mentioning the size! I wasn't able to find that piece of information anywhere else.


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