Sunday, December 28, 2008

Loreal HIP Kohl Eyeliner

While browsing through the make-up aisles at Target, I spotted some new products from the Loreal HIP line. They are now introducing a loose kohl eyeliner very similar to the Terracotta loose kohl eyeliners from Guerlain.

The colors available were black, brown, navy, teal, burgundy and gold. I already had the brown, black and teal ones from Guerlain so I decided to pick up the navy, burgundy and gold- a bit of an overkill but who knows if I would find them again. All colors have a bit of shimmer to them, although I found burgundy to stand out the best. The gold was pretty enough-not to0 brassy, but on my skin tone it did not stand out very much. I tried to layer it over a black eyeliner and it did offer a nice shimmer. The navy was fairly straight forward, quite dark with less shimmer than the burgundy.

These liners do have a stick applicator kind of like the Guerlain eyeliners, although the tip is more pointed and reminded me a bit of the artisan liner applicator from Lancome. I wore the burgundy for a few hours and there was a bit smudging after a few hours, although the color stayed true. I also was not able to use the Loreal applicator to apply the kohl in the traditional eastern fashion where you hold the applicator with your eye closed to line the inner eyelids; I was only able to use it the in the western fashion of drawing a line.

My only major dislike is that with loose kohl eyeliner (at least for me) the loose power gets all over the place when I'm trying to apply it. (My favorite remedy for this is to use a bit of scotch tape to pick up any loose particles from my cheeks.)

The Loreal HIP kohl eyeliners offer a cheaper alternative to the Guerlain ones It's a nice product if you've never tried this type of liner and would like to give it a shot, or if you are a fan then it offers a chance to expand your color choices.

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