Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad MAC cosmetics store experience

I've accepted the fact that at most MAC stores, I will get little to no customer service, luckily I'm the type who likes to just stick her fingers into everything and figure out what to get by myself. However, today's poor MAC store experience tops it all.

I ended up going to the store in the Roosevelt Fields mall. I had to return holiday sets that I had gotten before they had gone on sale (important detail). I was looking at the new Dame Edna collection and no one approached me at all. Next thing I hear is a sales associate greet another girl in the store and assist her. Fine, I went to the counter and I planned on just returning the items since I had visited the MAC counter at Nordstroms earlier in the day and the SA's there were very nice. I waited by the counter and when I finally get someone's attention, I decided to purchase the lipsticks I was interested in (thinking I might get better service) so I told the girl which colors I wanted and she went to grab them... she comes back to the counter and another SA tells her that xyz items are for this girl behind me and this girl gets ringed up BEFORE me. ok...fine. She rings up my stuff and I realized that she discounted my holiday sets even though I had paid full price as shown by my receipt. I point this out and she actually asks another SA about it and the other SA says-"Yes, if she paid full price, she gets the full price back." I thought that was common sense but apparently not. No apology on this mistake or the slooow pace and I finally get to leave the store.

I was so annoyed that I purchased anything at all from that horrible store that I decided to return the items. I walked around and thought maybe I would cool down but I went back to return the items and it took absolutely forever. I felt a bit better that 2 other people before me on line seem to be getting ignored as well but I must have counted three people, not on line, who got ringed up before me. Finally I was able to return my items and not have any ties to that evil store. Now I know why I do not ever go to these stores and I should stick to the MAC counters in department stores.

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