Thursday, February 5, 2009

Urban Decay Cream Shadow

I was glad that when I went to Sephora today, they had the new cream shadows from Urban decay so I could test out all the colors in person. The shadows are very vibrant and there is a good range of colors. I have not worn them for a full day but once dried they didn't smudge on my hand and needed some make-up remover and rubbing to take off. Sorry the pic is blurry-the bb has a crappy camera.

(Going from top to bottom)
Left column: radium, weeds, grass, suburbia, rehab
Middle column: sphynx, delinquent, mushroom, midnight rodeo
Right column: whipped, underground (liner, not shadow), asphalt, moonshine

Same pic as above with flash

I ended up getting sphynx, asphalt, weeds radium and mushroom. Midnight rodeo was tempting but it's very much like the urban decay primer in Sin-just with more glitter. Not all of them have glitter and they are at varying degrees. i.e Moonshine and asphalt are very glittery. Delinquent, rehab and whipped have a just a metallic sheen. Radium and Grass did not have much sheen imho. These are nice shadows as stand alone or to be used as a in combination with other shadows.

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