Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello Kitty Mac release party

It was a cold and snowy night. I stood in line for about 30 mins so I could attend the Hello Kitty release party at the Mac store in Soho. There were 2 half-naked models wearing large Hello Kitty heads, no shirt and pleather pants. I saw one when I was standing in line and I burst out laughing. I felt so bad for them. It was more funny than cute.

The store only had 2 displays for the Hello Kitty collection and 1 display for the Creamteam (cremeteam) items so it was insane trying to test things out. I didn't actually get my hands on everything since it was such a madhouse. I was a part of the first group who got in but they continously let people in and soon enough it was packed in the little store with hardly any room to move. I grabbed the things that looked liked I would like it and tested it quickly and moved on. I ended up getting HK lipstick in Lavender Mews (Frosty lavender pink) and Cutester (beige with a gold shimmer; HK lipgloss in Mimmy (pinky coral with gold shimmer); HK lashes; HK brush set with holder; HK purse mirror, and HK keychain. From the creamteam collection, I got the lipstick in Lavender Whip (lavender cream) and Creme Cup (beige pink). I also grabbed the cremesheen lipgloss in Melt in Your Mouth and Petite Indulgence. I though I would get a HK eye shadow palette but the colors didn't really scream to me. I also passed on the pigments since I don't usually use them. I was tempted to give the glitter liners a shot but I didn't get to test them out.

Top row: Melt in Your Mouth and Petite Indulgence
Bottom row: Creme Cup, Lavender Whip, Lavender Mews, Mimmy and Cuteser

Close-up of the HK Lavender Mews lipstick
Isn't the HK stamp on it cute?

I was mainly at the event to get my hands on the HK accessories. I didn't think I would like the HK brush and holder since I thought it would be a fairly large thing, but it turns out it was pretty tiny. The brushes are nothing amazing, I've seen all three in previous mac brush sets.

I had already made my purchases in 30 mins but I stayed around because I really wanted a balloon. I finally got it after waiting around forever and ran home so I could play with my stuff. The BF thought I was crazy, oh well.

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