Friday, March 13, 2009

First Konad +Bling Nails

I received some additional Konad supplies today. I ordered some stamping plates, special polish in silver and violet, and some rhinestones. I started stamping last month and it's been pretty fun. Overall, I haven't had too many problems with the stamp picking up the image from the plate; although I have discovered that certain designs are easier than others. The intricate flower designs were more difficult than the larger whole nail designs. I would be able to pick up the larger flower elements but then I would have problems picking up the finer lines in the design and it would take a few tries to get the entire design. Less problematic designs were ones like the fishnet and zebra print for the whole nail.

Since I was generally comfortable with the basic stamping, I decided to try adding some rhinestones to my designs. Small packs of stones were on sale so I got a pack of clear ones. I used the Zoya Kotori from my polish exchange and the special Konad silver polish. You can use any non-konad polish with the stamping plates with varying degrees of success. I decided to purchase the special polish so I know the color would show up well. Generally, I found the lighter colored metallic polish that I had would hardly show when I stamped with them. Darker colors did show up decently.

Here is the result:

Ta-da! Sorry I didn't do the complete clean up around the edges. I wanted to snap a pic before I smudged something or loose a stone. I would change up my nail polish constantly but I usually don't have time in the evenings and it's not good idea to stay up till 2 am when you should get up at 6:30 am. Hopefully this manicure will last for the next few days. :)


Cris said...

These look great :o...Good job :).
I'm too scared to wear nail art, lol. Not sure why.

Stephanie said...

Wow! Your nail art is amazing. Time consuming I bet! I love CCO, it's different each time you go, you know?

Jenn said...

Thanks! Yeah, it's just a bummer that the CCO I go to is only open 9-5 so if I do want to go check it out I have to run out during lunch time.

Jem said...

this looks amazing!


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