Monday, July 20, 2009

Dior and Givenchy Fall 2009

Woah, I've been seriously slacking on the postings. The weather has been fairly summery and nice so I've been taking advantage of it as well as just being in lazy summer mode. Of course just as it starts to really feel like summer - the shelves are being stocked with fall items-wtf?

One fall palette that is my current favorite is the Givenchy Prismissime Eyeshadow palette in Poetique Blue. Sigh why do I heart blue/purple shadows so much?and why am I such a sucker for packaging?

Lovely floral design on the outside:

Sadly the plastic case is prone to smudge-y prints. The inside mirror also has a flower motif in one of the corners.

Pretty, shimmery shadows-went on very smooth and with decent pigmentation. I was afraid they would all look the same but they were distinguishable from one another (swatches tk).

EOTD (after a long day in warmish weather)
Sorry it looks like all my previous EOTDs but I swear it's with the
Poetique Blue palette:

I really liked this palette and I am tempted to order the brown version as well. mwahaha. I also picked up the phenomen'eye mascara in lavender grey(not pictured)-if I squint I think I might see the lavender part but it's pretty much just grey. It's subtler than black mascara so I don't know if it does much for me. I also need to refresh my memory on how to use the spikey ball applicator so I can see if it can give me more oomph.

Today, I went to Bloomies after work and I saw the new fall items from Nars and Dior. To my surprise and to my wallet's chagrin, I ended up liking a few items from Nars (to be revealed in next post).

Another surprise was that the Dior Jazz Club collection didn't wow me. There were pretty purple plummy colors but eh, I wasn't feeling it. I only picked up a purple eyeliner since it had a similar brush applicator to one of my fave Japanese eyeliners.

Here's a swatch pic for the new lipsticks (top row and 2nd row swatch on left, Night butterfly quint(2nd row; except the middle blk color), plum diorliner (3rd row left) and lip glosses (3rd row):

Close up of the glosses
(The left 2 are the creme de rouge and the right 2 are the ultra gloss addict):

The pigmentation on the quint didn't grab me and the color was just ok. I just don't think the palette would suite me (my eye would look bruised). Bloomies also had the jazz club eyeshadow palette in smoky jazz (black, grey, taupe kind of colors). Nordstrom has a purplish version (jazz club) as part of their anniversary collection.


izumi said...

i love purple eyeshadows.. looooove. the plummy ones especially xD those swatches are nice but definitely not anything "WOW".. can't wait to see what else you got!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty EOTD! :) I like purple e/s too.

Unknown said...

if you get the brown one - post that! i love browns and golds. orrrr you can bring it so i can check it out on our next date night! x0x0

Bijin Blair said...

The blue Givenchy palette has such pretty pastel shades! Ahh, speaking of the brown palette, it has been appearing in a couple of Japanese magz... I didn't know that Givenchy has a blue one out because only the brown one was featured hahaha


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