Monday, July 6, 2009

East coast Pow Wow

I've been a super lazy blogger but I'm getting off my bum to post pics from the Pow Wow on Friday hosted by Pink. The theme was Lipstick Mafia so I tried my best to sport a "jersey poof" with the help of a bumpit since I could not tease my hair to save my life; I just created knots. I have to admit the thing was pretty comfortable (I even forgot I was wearing one) and it didn't budge all night. I don't know if I would go and play tennis with one on like the infomercial showed but I was pretty happy with it's staying power.

Here were my nails for the event, courtesy of some konad stamping. It took a few tries to get it all kind of straight:

Anyways, we met up for dinner at Pylos for some awesome Greek food. There were 13 of us: Pink, Lynn, Mel, Tammy, Helen, Patti, Desi, Vickie, Lily, Mayaari, Kendall, Prey and me. Here's the food (my bf commented that it seemed like I have more food pics than people, lol):

Pita and hummus. It was nice and toasty!

Moussaka and calamari

We also had fried eggplant and zucchini with tzatziki dip and meatballs

Now on some of the entrees:

I (and Lynn) had the shrimp and scallop with noodles in ouzo sauce

Lily and Prey the lamb shank

Vickie had the poached salmon

Some actual pics with people:

Me and Pink enjoying the pita and hummus

Super cute pic of Lynn and Mel

After paying the bill and getting our things together it was past closing. We decided to do a group shot outside the restaurant and asked a girl smoking outside of the bar/louge next door to take our pic. Next thing you know there's some guy wanting to take our pic too- he was super excited to see a bunch of gorge girls. There were also other folks coming out; we had attracted a good sized crowd. haha.

Before Lily left us for the night, we snapped a pic together.

We decided to walk up Ave A to a place called Beauty Bar and we continued to to attract attention. We had guys who wanted to hug us, who wanted to give us hi-fives, and one guy who told us to move away from the corner bc we were dressed like hookers so we needed to move to the center of the street-g*d bless us. haha.

Instead of the Beauty Bar, our next destination was a karaoke bar in ktown. It was pretty cheap in comparison to the one I've been to in Queens, although this place didn't have drinks included.

Mel was a very serious singer!

Pink channeling Britney!

Here's the end of the night group shot:

I got home after 3am, haha. Didn't sleep till the sun was rising and the next day my hair still had some poof to it. I had an awesome time meeting and eating with everyone! Can't wait to see the other pics/vids and to see you all again!


Lynnie said...

awwwww... love ur pics! everyone looks beautiful. :)

Tammy said...

It was great meeting everyone!! You took some great pictures..hope you don't mind if I take a few. =)

Jennnn said...

looks like you had lots of fun! it was a bad idea to look at your post while hungry. i'm gonna go get foods now, haha.

MiuMiu said...

looked like so much fun! wish i could go one day XD

Anonymous said...

Another blogger pow wow! Yay! I'm always so jealous, since I don't have the possibility to meet up any beauty blogger I know... you are all situated far far away from me! :p

Eleganteve said...

You girls all look soooo gorgeous! I was in sweats and ponytail at that time, exhausted and ordering chinese food take out.......blah!

Ethereal Prey said...

great pics! I can't wait for others to share theirs as well! It was great meeting everyone. Not sure if I'll smash the bronzer back into the compact, ok i'll go get the rubbing alcohol....

~Mel said...

love the pics!! had sooo much fun!! hahaa.. can't believe i only took food pics with so many gawh-geous girls there!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi Jenn...hmmm love the food piccies plus you ladies all look great :) Lovin' your nails too.

P.S Will u consider doing a Bumpit post/tutorial? Been totally wondering about this product.

izumi said...

oo i love your nails :)

you and your girls are gorgeouuusssss! man i wish i'd been able to go to pink's west coast pow wow!

mayaari said...

haha great pics :) I wish I'd been able to hang out after dinner a little longer =T but it was so great to meet you!

bliss&sparkles said...

hey sweety ;] it was nice meeting you again!! now looking back at the pics .. the food was damn yummmy lol

Whitney & the full effect said...

aww how fun!!!

noone said...

Mmmm the food looks great! And you ladies looked like you had a lot of fun :)


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