Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chanel Paris Shanghai Gold polishes

So this past week, I moseyed to a nearby Chanel boutique and I picked up the Illusion d'Or polish as well as the Gold Lame polish. I loved the pics I've seen of the Illusion d'Or so I knew that was a must have for me. I wasn't going to purchased the Gold Lame polish but I decided I wanted to compare it to the Facettes D'Or Gold Fiction polish that was released in 2008. Facettes was one of my first Chanel polishes and I was curious to see how similar the 2 polishes were.

I always loved the Facettes opaque bottle.

2 coat swatches (l->r): Gold Lame, Gold Fiction and Illusion d'Or

So the Gold Lame is a lighter shade of gold than Gold Fiction and I found it to be a bit streakier as well. Illusion d'Or is a pretty polish that adds a bit of sparkle when layered over other colors-along with the gold sparkles, there are shimmery violet pieces (which my camera did not pick up*sad face*). One of my fave combo right now is the new Chanel Nouvelle Vague polish with the Illusion d'Or. I haven't done a full manicure yet but will post pics soon.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful choices! I love Chanel polishes, the texture is amazing :)

Georgina said...

ooh i love illusion d'or! perfect for creating gradient effect with shimmers/glitters! :D

izumi said...

ooo lalaaaaa.. the illusion one is SOOO pretty! i keep seeing swatches for it and it totally makes me want to shell out the bucks for it, haha.

Makeup Kitten said...

So pretty!!

Penelope said...

Thnkas for the swatches! I love the look of Gold Lame the best, so pretty!

Unknown said...


Mischievous Mack said...

Gold Lame is gorgeous! I hope you post a full manicure with Illusion soon :)


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