Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chanel Fall 2010 blushes, lip color and eyeliner *updated*

I've been checking out various stores to see who has this collection and so far I have not seen it at Bloomingdales but the 2 Chanel boutiques I've visit have had the Fall Collection available. All pics in this post are with flash, unless noted otherwise.

The Bergdorf display had the 3 new blushes displayed along with 3 other blushes. I had picked up Rose Bronze which I think is part of the permanent Joues Contraste blush line. Since all the fall blushes have shimmer in them, I was a bit hesitant to purchase them so I decided to wait and give it some thought before committing.

I thought the Rose Bronze would be a nice highlighter and give a bit of a pink sheen without being to frosty.

So after a few days, I did decided to pop by my nearby Chanel boutique and pick up 2 Fall blush colors. The shimmer isn't really that prominent or disco and the colors are quite lovely. I decided to get Pink Explosion and Rose Temptation.

Pink Explosion (on the left) is a cool pink and Rose Temptation (on the right) is a deeper mauve color. As the swatches show, the shimmer does not stand out too much.

Since my swatch at home is a bit hard to see,
I decided to take a pic in some brighter indoor lighting. Pic is without flash

Sorry order is reversed-Rose temptation is on the left, Pink Explosion is on the right

This was my first time with the Joues Contraste blushes and I really like them a lot. The powders are soft and it was easy to blend the colors. They do have a rose scent to them in the compact but once you wear the blushes, the scent quickly dissipates.

There were 4 new glossimers and 3 new Rouge Coco lip colors. I picked the Rose Dentelle lip color and Coral Love lip gloss.

Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco (medium pink)

Coral Love glossimer (golden coral)

An interesting item (to me anyway) was the Intense eye liner in Clair, a nude color. I was skeptical when Mac came out when the skin colored Chromagraphic pencils in the Pret-a-Papier collection but was quickly won over when I actually tested out the pencil. Thus, when I saw the Clair eyeliner I wondered how it would compare to the Mac pencil. Turns out Clair is a bit lighter, less yellow and more pink than the NW25/NC30 pencil that I have but is still an effective eye brightener.

Intense Eye Pencil in Clair (no flash)


Left side: Rose Dentelle (top), Coral Love (bottom)
Right side: Intense Eye Pencil in Clair (left), Mac Chromagraphic pencil in NW25/NC30

So that's Chanel Fall for me. I do not know when other stores will get this collection but I expect it to be soon. And just a tidbit-when I went to get the Pink Explosion blush, I was told it was already the last one so if you're interested in that color it may be best to jump on it when you find it.


milkyway said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the pictures, everything looks great! I just want to ask, are the Fall blushes made in US or France?

milkyway said...

Also, I forgot to ask--does Rose Dentelle have shimmer? Thanks again!

Stephanie said...

Chanel is timeless! I've never thought to try their blushers

pinkribbons said...

The Pink Explosioh blush and the rouge coco look really pretty.

Anonymous said...

the lipstick and gloss looks very pretty. Thanks for the swatches.

Jenn said...

@milkyway My packaging for the blushes say they are made in France and Rose Dentelle does not have shimmer (and I don't think any of the other fall lipstick does either).

@dsk steph I never gave the blushes a try till now and I wonder if I made a mistake since now I have another chanel product to lust for.

Tavia said...

Thank you for the swatches dear! :) I sure to link to this article on my Chic Enjoyed Reading post this Sunday. :)


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