Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matte Moon Manicure -NOTD

I had read All Lacquered Up's post on the CND Ruffian Matte Moon Manicure and decided to give it a try. I used RMK polish in EX-22 (a bright bronze) and Paul & Joe polish in oasis 006 (turquoise with gold shimmer) from the summer collection. I did 2 coats of EX-22, with 3 coats of Oasis and topped Oasis with Essie's matte about you top coat. I did it freehand and it came out decent but next time I'm going to try and find some guides so I can have cleaner lines.

I wasn't sure if I would go ahead with the matte topcoat but it does make the polish pop more against the bronze. Here's a pic before showing all gloss vs. matte/gloss:

Index and Middle without matte topcoat.
Ring and Pinkie with matte topcoat.

Let me know if you try this type of manicure and what polish combinations you used =)


izumi said...

ooooo! how fun!

Unknown said...

very classy colour choices!

mayaari said...

interesting twist on a regular mani - the matte shade on top definitely makes it stand out from the bronze, and makes the bronze sparkle more :)

Mona said...

when am i allowed to go over to raid your nail stash?


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