Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dior Cherry Flowers Polish

Here are pics of the Sephora exclusive Dior Cherry Flower polish for Fall 2010. It's a bit too warm and borderline mauve-y for me (I took it off after only one day) but it did apply super smooth and I liked the touch of iridescent in the color.

Pic with flash

Here's a better pic of the bottle

What do you think of this color for Fall?


reene said...

Hello Jenn! I've been coveting this polish. It looks like such an adorable pink, but I'm not sure about it being a fall color. Then again, what do I know? :) Thank you for the pictures!

izumi said...

ehh, not loving it for fall. then again i'm totally not a pink girl and LOVE vampy colors xD so that's not really saying much.

Anonymous said...

wow I love the colour! it's so cute :D

Lisa said...

I think it looks really pretty on you! I like the color and I would probably get a lot of use out of it, but the light pink seems a little odd for a Fall shade.

Stephanie said...

Cherry Flower is so pretty just like the name! I need to repaint my nails, thanks for the reminder ;)

snoopysteph said...

I just ordered this from Sephora! I hope it looks nice with my skintone. Definitely odd for a fall color though.


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