Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paul & Joe Autumn Collection 2010

I was going to continue with the Guerlain stuff but I've misplaced the charger for my camera so I'll post those pics once I can find it and upload from that camera.

I decided to borrow the bf's camera and take pics of the Paul & Joe Autumn offerings that I picked up this past week from Bergdorfs. I picked up 2 of the eyeshadow palettes and 2 of the cat lipsticks that have generated much buzz since promo pics were released.

The eyeshadow palettes come in paper boxes with designs picked up from the Paul & Joe autumn fashions. The lid is secured with an elastic band. When you remove the lid, you can tuck it under the palette. All the colors in these palettes have shimmer in them.

Closed package
Paper Moon (Swan box)

Silvery Moon (Paisley box)

Paper moon swatches (with flash): Light gold, light pink with gold shimmer, warm orange, chocolate brown and dark brown

Silvery moon swatches (top: no flash, bottom: with flash):
white silver, light gold, moss green, dark grey and dark blue

As cute as the cat lipsticks were, I was kind of creeped out by them at the same time when I saw the promo pics. They are a bit less creepy to me now but it's still a bit strange to use a cat head as a lipstick. I've been using the back of the head so that the face is preserved =)

Left: Over the Moon; Right: Clair de Lune

Close ups:

Clair de lune

Over the Moon

Top: Over the Moon (medium pink); Bottom: Clair de Lune (mauvey plum)

There are also eye liners in this collection but they haven't reached the BG counter yet. Overall, this collection offers lovely shimmery shadows and neutral lip colors. Although the main draw for me was the packaging =)


Catherine said...

The eyeshadows look so pretty! The cat lipstick heads definitely creep me out... lol...

Laura L said...

the lipstick with kitten print is so cute...

Georgina said...

hi jenn! thanks for sharing these babies with us! i do find the cat head a little creepy too hahaha! but the swan print on the packaging is so pretty! :)

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I love the packaging more than the product pretty!

Unknown said...

the cat lippy makes me scratch my head! Seeing that you bought them, I wonder if you could post a pic of the lippies for me after a couple of months use? I am curious!!

Popcorn said...

the lipsticks look pretty~

hahah that was a good idea to use the back of the head of the lipstick. :D

Thanks for the swatches

Jenn said...

@old cow I don't know far I'll wear the lipsticks down. I may feel too guilty. I will try to show the poor testers from BG after being our for a couple of cat is intact, one has his ears a bit worn down and the last is gone =(

eri said...

These are so tempting!
What kind of material is the lipstick packaging? Is it paper?

Tammy said...

That kitty is super creepy!

izumi said...

the packaging is quite nice :) and yea, the cat heads are still a little weird to me... i don't know if i could ever make myself buy one, in CASE i somehow managed to ruin the shape, haha.

Jenn said...

@eri yup, everything has paper packaging

@tammy I think the creepiness is what's going to stop me from using it too often

Cindy said...

This is so weird but interesting. Eventually you would have to use the head though right?


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