Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sephora x Hello Kitty Product pics

Sorry to interrupt the Chanel postings, but I need to re-do the swatches for the Regard Pearle quad anyway so I thought I would share some pics of things from the Sephora x Hello Kitty collection. I had taken advantage of the preview sale over the weekend on for the Hello Kitty collection and to my surprise, an order arrived today! I have another order on it's way, since a few items got re-stocked on Sunday; but for now, please see below for pics of the brush set, eye/lip palette in Super Fun, the Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner kit, some shadow sticks, Pen Pal eyeliner and BigSmile Gloss in Cheery. I haven't tested any products out yet but so far the packaging is really nice ^^

Super fun palette-eye shadows (top tier)

Super fun palette- lip colors (bottom tier)

Hello Kitty brush set was smaller than I expected but still cute. It's a shiny plastic but not the finger print magnet type. The white cup that the brushes are in can be removed.

Brushes are travel sized. I'm doubting how effective they will be but we'll see.

Hope you liked the pics!


Anonymous said...

omg you bought the hello kitty range!! x3 they are so adorable~ I love the brush container :DD
can't wait to read more about it later!

kawaiikao said...

wahh so cute!! i wanted to buy everything but i was doubtful of the quality so i'm going to take my chances and try to snag some stuff when they officially come out. please do a review!! :)

faye lu said...

oh my! the brush sets are too adorable. never too old for hello kitty =^_^=

Unknown said...

OH OH OH OH WHY!!!!!! WHY IS THERE NO SEPHORA HERE!! I am going to cry!!

Yin said...

Oh wow. Nice haul! How soft are the HK brushes? MAC standard?


vanilla said...

cant wait for the review!
im on no buy though, i really should stop buying makeup because my cosmetic item seems to be increasing and i never hit pan, EVER!lol
i wonder how other blogger collect/manage their makeup! do u hav emakeup collection post?hehe

Laura L said...

scream~~~ ahh, so cute!

MissS.elle said...

omg omg omg I want the brush holder so bad!! hahaha It's too cute XD


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