Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre-Epatant, Fantasme and Emerveille

The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadows were also released in the Fall collection. In the display, the testers do not actually correspond to the actual packaging that you get. There was a display model for the actual jar. I picked up 3 shades; Epatant (a grey khaki), Fantasme (a shimmery white), and Emerveille (a peachy seashell pink).

L->R: Epatant, Emerveille and Fantasme

Each Illusion D'Ombre comes with a mini brush. I actually really like this brush for this shadow. The bristles are in a flat paddle shape with a bit of an angle. It can be used to apply an overall sweep to the lid or as a liner. Swatches below were applied with the brush.

Compact form

The cap becomes the handle

Close up of the brush tip

Pics for the individual shadows:

(My favorite)



Epatant and Fantasme are more shimmery than Emerveille so I don't think my swatches below do them much justice. Epantant is a dark khaki grey with silver shimmer. Fantasme doesn't show up as silvery in real life, it's more of a multi-colored shimmery white.

No flash, indoors

With flash indoors

In case anyone was curious, here is how the Illusion D'Ombres compare to the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows packaging wise. Both shadows are listed as 4g/0.14oz.

Illusion d'Ombres have a wider jar but a more shallow container. It is taller than the Eyes to Kill since it has a taller base. Texture wise, Illusion D'Ombres have a more airy mousse feel than the Eyes to Kill.

I've worn the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadows for 2 days and I like them a lot. It's been a bit hot a muggy on the days that I've worn them so by the end of the night there is creasing and fading but I think the Illusion D'Ombre overall staying power is decent and the colors are quite nice. I hope they will expand the selection in the future.


Dovey said...

These look amazing! I think my favorite is also Epatant. What a great mercury type color!

Stephanie said...

You picked up quite a few! I haven't seen these before. They look really pretty. :)

sternchenslove said...

I absolutely adore the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows. Can´t wait to try the Chanel version.

Thanks for the post.


Unknown said...


MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Thanks for the review. This is a question we all were wondering about. I've got two on order and can't wait to try them. I'm so glad I got the khaki!

foreverheavenly said...

What are the two colors from the eyes to kill pic? Thanks.

Jenn said...

@fovereverheavenly Left is ETK #15 and right is Chanel Emerveille.

Isla said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I really appreciate the comparison! I was wondering, between Eyes to Kill and Illusion D'Ombre, which one is easier to work with?
Also, I don't know if you do this or not, but would you recommend a color out of either line that you'd stay is pretty foolproof (I am inexperienced with makeup application and am trying to find something very easy to use!)

Jenn said...

@Agmini I think the ETK's would be a bit easier to work with since they have a denser pigmentation. The Illusions need a bit more to build up the color but if you like shimmery shades then I would pick the Illusions, Emerveille is a nice color on it's own as well as being a base for other colors.

However, if you don't care for much shimmer and want more color then ETK would be more suitable.


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