Friday, June 24, 2011

Chanel Byzance de Chanel-Topkapi Quad and Rouge Blush

Chanel Byzance collection has started to land at the Chanel boutiques. I grabbed the Topaki quad and Rouge blush from the 57th st. location.

Joues Contraste in Rouge and Regard Signé de Chanel in Topkapi

Close-up of the quad:

Closer look at the blush:

I think the 2nd pic reflects the pan color a bit better.

After swatching, the blush does have a bit of excess powder

Dry swatches:

Topkapi quad has a mocha bronze color, a dark bark brown(this color has the lowest shimmer/sheen), shimmery golden yellow and silvery taupe. These shadows are top notch and were so rich and smooth.

Natural light

With flash

The Rouge blush is quite pigmented but has a lovely soft shimmer:

Natural light

With flash

There was also a blush in Or (a golden yellow) that can be used as a highlighter and a Rouge Byzantin lipstick (a cherry red). These two items were pretty but I knew I would not really use either item much. The Topkapi quad and Rouge blush were definitely the stand outs for me. The pigment in both are great and applied very well.


Unknown said...

Oooohhhh I need the red JC, quad and the Byzance RA!!! It is making me crazy I can't access this collection. These boutique exclusives make me crazy! Thanks for the incredible pics and swatches!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I am seriously enamorated with the palette and the blush. Chanel Autumn 2011 will probably make my wallet a lot lighter

Jess said...

The palette looks really beautiful and classy, but I don't think the colors are really unique...

I need to decide well, whether I should pick it up or not... :)


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