Friday, July 29, 2011

Nars Night Series

While in the Nars boutique recently, I saw this small display for Nars Night Series which consisted of 4 polishes and 1 palette. Each of the polishes are based on the "night" eyeshdow of the same name. Here are quick bottle pics and swatches.

L->R: Night Breed, Night Flight and Night Rider

Night Porter

L->R: Night Rider, Night Flight and Night Breed

Night Rider mani
Polishes applied pretty smoothly, although they are on the thicker side.

The Night Series palette is different from the one that was previously released, although half of the palette are repeat colors; Night Star, Night Rider and Night Clubbing.

Top Row: Night Star, Night Clubbing, and Night Porter
Bottom Row: Night Rider, Night Flight and Night Breed

Will have swatches and more pics in the next post.


Popcorn said...

I'm loving the Night Rider polish~ Gorgeous!!!

What??! They are releasing another Night palette..... sweet~ hahaha I missed the 1st one. Thanxs for sharing!

leelee said...

I think I am in dire need of ALL of those nail polishes! They look so fun! I don't love polishes that are on the thicker side, but I might have to make an exception. :)

jilliandanica said...

So pretty! I like the Night Breed and Flight polishes! Are the polishes minis or full size?

Jenn said...

@popcorn I missed the first one too:) but I think I like this set of colors more :)

@jilliandanica Polishes are full size

Dovey said...

Thanks for posting, I was so curious about this palette! I'm sad that Night clubbing and night breed are overlaps with the recent Nordstrom anniversary palette, but the color selection is so fun.

BV said...

Who, what where how... why didn't I know about this collection????

It is not on the NARS website nor at Nordies... is this brand spanking new and released online soonish?? I must have this...

Jessica said...

When will the polishes be available on the Nars website?

Jenn said...

@Jessica Sorry, I don't know when it will be available on the Nars website but it is now available on Nordstroms and Neimans websites.


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