Friday, August 19, 2011

Chanel Joues Contraste vs Maybelline Fall 2011 Blushes

I stumbled upon a new Maybelline display at one of my local drugstores.

In the display were a few interesting blushes. There was a sale on Maybelline Face products so I picked up all of them XD I had to fight with the cashier for the discount because the items weren't ringing up in the system but thankfully, the manager put the discount through.
L->R: Pressworthy Pink, Ravishing Rouge and Stage Glow

No flash, indoor light

With indoor flash

Anyway, Macnunu mentioned they might be dupes for Chanel Joues Contraste so I dug in my stash to see if I had some possible equivalent colors. Here's what I came up with:

Top Row: Chanel Pink Explosion, Rouge and Pink Cloud
Bottom Row: Maybelline Pressworthy Pink, Ravishing Rouge and Stage Glow

(I'll try to update with pan pics later tonight)

So they are pretty close!
Chanel Pink Explosion is a bit warmer in color and more subtle in shimmer than Maybelline Pressworthy Pink.

Chanel Rouge is a brighter red and more shimmery than Maybelline Ravishing Rouge which feels more burgundy.

Chanel Pink Cloud is leans more white and subtle in shimmer than Maybelline Stage Glow which I think leans a bit more silvery.

Overall, the Maybelline blushes were pretty nice. I haven't tested them for wear time but they feel pretty smooth and I had no problems picking up the color. A nice drugstore substitute but I wouldn't say exact dupe for the Joues Constrastes :)


Delicate Hummingbird said...

wow, thanks for this informational post! i didn't have a clue that Maybelline would have such an exciting red blush...

Jenn said...

@ketoglutarat I was surprised too! Glad the info was interesting :)

Jamilla Camel said...

They are all gorgeous!

Rei said...

Glad to know there is a dupe for pink cloud as it won't be available in Australia! Thanks for the info Jenny :)

SephoraMAC said...

Great post - Thanks for doing the comparisons!! Very helpful.

Sarah S. said...

Wow, those are surprisingly close! Great post!


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