Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dior Mitzah 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

I've been eagerly anticipating Sephora's release of the Dior Mitzah collection and last week the items were finally made available on their website. The Limited Edition Panther palette is currently out of stock but the Mitzah quint palette is still available.

The interior of the velvet pouch has a leopard pattern.

Swatches-Clockwise starting from the bottom left shade.

Colors are a shimmery ivory (that leaned a bit pink on me), a dark earthy brown, a shimmery medium brown , a dark grey brown and the center is camel. The darker colors do have a bit of shimmer too but it was more subtle than the lighter colors.

Here are some comparison swatches:

Top: Mitzah quint
Bottom: Dior Cuir Leather palette (One of my first Dior palettes).
The colors in this palette are more iridescent.

Top: Mitzah Panther palette
Bottom: Mitzah quint

Top: Mitzah Panther Palette
Middle: Mitzah quint
Bottom: Dior Cuir Leather palette

So I had been able to order the Mitzah Panther palette from the Sephora website before it became out of stock. However, it arrived a bit damaged :(

Thankfully it's an isolated spot but still a bummer. I contacted Sephora and they were able to give me a small credit for inconvenience. Since the item is limited edition and out of stock, I am keeping it at the moment. The rep did not know when or if any more stock will become available but mentioned it may come back in stock closer to the holidays. So *fingers crossed* I can get a replacement in the future.

Although it was damaged, my kitty still wanted to claim the Mitzah palette.


Stephanie said...

They're gorgeous!

Jamilla Camel said...

ooh! Want to see you wearing them!

Steph said...

these are pretty and different at the same time.. xxx

Sarah S. said...

Oooh, pretty... sadly don't have the $$$ to buy and they'll be gone by the time I do. Sorry about the damaged palette :( I'd be so bummed! That pic with your kitty's paw is sooo cute :D

Dia said...

I didn't even know these were available for purchase at Sephora! I'm so jealous that you got the Panther palette and I'm glad Sephora gave you some credit for the damage.

Jenn said...

@DSK steph Thank you!

@Jamilla Camel Will try to post some FOTD but I am horrible at pic taking.

@tzeyien89 It's definitely nice to have variety :)

@Sarah S. I was so afraid my cat was going to sink his claw into the palette!

@Dia Thanks! I read another review where they got a completely damaged palette so I'm grateful my damage is not as major.

tiffyama said...

The colors of the palette look gorgeous!! Ooh~ and love the top print of the Mitzah Panther palette is cute!! hehe...cute kitty paw. ^^

Anonymous said...

Are the 3 colors in the panther palette the same in ones in the quint? I am unsure why they have two palettes if they duplicated 3 of the colors?


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