Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lancôme Glamour Eyes Set

I found myself at Sephora today and ended up buying the Lancôme Glamour Eyes by Michelle Phan set that I spotted. I don't watch many of her YouTube videos but I bought the set for the Color Design palette that is included. The palette is called Chic-by-Chelle and is labeled as a Sephora exclusive shade. The other items in the set are a full-sized artliner in Noir and a mini Hypnôse Drama Mascara in Excessive Black.

Front of the box

Back of the box

Front flap lifted

Included pamphlet has step-by-steps for Day and Night look.

Pics of the Color Design palette in Chic-by-Chelle:

Swatches~I think my hands were a bit dry so the swatches are patchy.
The shimmery violet does goes on smoother than what the swatch shows.

Base color is a satiny peach, lid color is a shimmery violet, crease color is an ashy brown, liner color is a shimmery grey and the highlighter color is light pewter.

The set is priced at $59.50 which is ok considering a Color Design palette cost $48 and a full sized Artliner is $29. I just wanted to post up some quick pics since I haven't seen any info on this set and if you're a fan of the Lancôme Color Design palettes then it might be worth looking for during your next Sephora store visit :)


Riya~ said...

Its actually beautiful I love the colors and what a wonderful set!

Jamilla Camel said...

This is a lovely set! very pretty colours!

Stephanie said...

That's such a cool set!!

Steph said...

I love michelle phan! didnt know she did this. i wonder if they have it in the UK.. xxx

Kai said...

omg that highlighter/pewter color looks to be the same that was in Smouldering Golds holiday palette, and I love it! it may look glittery but it had that wet shimmery finish and it is absolutely GORGEOUS. in fact i bought the holiday palette just for that shade x____x

ShinyPrettyThings said...

wow the violet shade is so pretty!! it's so cool she came out w her own Lancome palette.

tiffyama said...

Ah~ I didn't know she had a set with Lancome! I thought she...was a worker for them, not actually working with them. XD

Looks like it was a pretty good deal though~ will be on the lookout for it next time I'm at Sephora. ^^

Stephanie said...

I picked it up! :) I haven't used it yet though lol


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