Friday, December 23, 2011

Dior Garden Clutch~Milly Garden-Swatches

I did manage to stop admiring the Dior Garden Clutch for a moment so I could do some swatching. I picked a flat spot between the rosettes so the overall pattern on the eye shadows were preserved :)

The flap on the right lifts up to reveal the lip colors.

Close-up of the eye shadows. Colors are a dark purple/grey, a light silver/grey and light pink. All the shadows are shimmery/iridescent.

Close-up of the lip colors. One is a lip plumper and one is a regular gloss. I have not worn either color so I can't tell which is which. I am guessing that the pale pink is the plumper and the other pink is the regular gloss.

Swatches~sorry all under indoor lighting. On the right are the lip colors; followed by the eye shadows, no primer.

The pale glosses don't really give off much color. The shadows have good pigmentation, although the palest color only shows up as a iridescent shimmer on my skin.
Quick eotd~

The Dior Garden Clutch in Milly Garden is available now on the Nordstrom website.
The rest of the Dior Spring 2012 is also on the site. Milly Garden is listed as exclusive to Nordstrom, but it may also be available on the site in the future. There is also another variation of the Dior Garden Clutch called Granville Garden; to see pics and swatches of this clutch, please see Fruity Lashes' post.


Jamilla Camel said...

What a gorgeous look - I think I've been seduced!

tiffyama said...

Such pretty, shimmery shades. ^^

. said...

Woww this is really beautiful! And I'm super pleased to see whats under the concealed compartment! How smart to keep the lip colours separate - they attract so much e/s dust so easily! xD

This looks surprisinly wintery acatually! I mean I know its meant to be for spring, but blues always remind me of winter for some reason. LOVE the eotd!


Georgina said...

loveleeeeh! <3

Happy holidays babe!

Tammy said...

So pretty! Love the EOTD.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous EOTD! :)


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