Saturday, July 7, 2012

L'oreal infallible eye shadows~Miss Candy and US summer releases

Hello! I'm finally posting these pictures of the new L'oreal infallibles that have been released here in the US and overseas. Hopefully, they're still useful!

 Top row: Naughty Strawberry, Sassy Marshmallow and Innocent Turquoise
Bottom row: Liquid Diamond, Endless Sea, Glistening Garnet, Smoldering Plum and Bottomless Java
Close ups of the shadows:
Naughty Strawberry, Sassy Marshmallow and Innocent Turquoise

 Liquid Diamond, Endless Sea, Glistening Garnet

 Smoldering Plum and Bottomless Java


 Natural light

Indoor lighting
 Top: Liquid Diamond (grey with pink flashes), Sassy Marshmallow (silver)
Bottom: Glistening Garnet (plummy dark pink), Naughty Strawberry (medium bright pink), Innocent Turquoise (sky blue), Endless sea (medium blue green)

 Natural light
Burning Black (black with red shimmer), Smoldering plum (Shimmery dark purple), Bottomless Java (Medium bronze), Continuous Cocoa (Dark brown)

Indoor light
Continuous Cocoa (Dark brown), Bottomless Java (Medium bronze), Smoldering plum (Shimmery dark purple), Burning Black (black with red shimmer)
I had ordered the Miss Candy infallibles (Naughty Strawberry, Sassy Marshmallow and Innocent Turquoise) from; however, I believe that they have stopped shipping L'oreal products outside of EU :(

I've spotted the other infallibles in a variety of drugstores. I had skipped the earlier US summer releases since they had seem similar to infallibles that I had owned.

Bronze Goddess (Overseas release) vs Gleaming Bronze (US)

Since these 2 were dupes. I figured that Gold Imperial would be the dupe of Goldmine and Pink Sapphire would be the dupe of Forever Pink. I've recently received the infallibles from the L'or Electric collection that was released in Europe/Asia-hope to have pics posted soon....It's rough keeping up with all the new infallible shades being released but I'm glad this line is expanding in some fab colors.

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Sarah S. said...

Glad to see a post from you! I didn't realize they were naming them differently in the US and UK... makes it tricky for people who want every color (but no duplicates), right?


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