Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Cheek and Lip products

Hello! Part of my blogging absence has been due to a vacation to Tokyo! I came back and endured a few days of jet lag. I've finally gotten myself together to share one of my major beauty acquisitions while in Japan.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée debut in late January with only one counter located in the Misukoshi Department Store in the Ginza area of Tokyo. The parent company for this line is Albion which is also the parent of Paul and Joe Beauté and Sonia Rykiel Beauté. The packaging for this beauty collection is sublime and fitting with the famed Parisian macaron maker.

One of the more intriguing products is the Face Color Rose Ladurée Cheek Color. This item is composed of silk (?) rose petals coated in a colored powder. I bought color o1. The petals are sold separately from the blush holder.

Blush pot (holder) is made of translucent plastic
The lid just sits on top of the base with no actual seal
The Rose Petals comes in a plastic container with a drawstring pouch
So pretty....
In theory, you can swirl your face brush over the petals to pick up the cheek color but the testers at the counter didn't seem to agree....in the end, the most efficient manner was to rub the petal on your skin. I have not tried out the "fresh" petals so there are no swatches in this post for this item.

The other cheek item I purchased was the Pressed Cheek Color in 02. The pigmentation in these cheek colors were definitely stronger than the Rose Petal blushes.

Case on the left and refill in 02 on the right (sold separately)

Refill placed into the case. There is a sticker tab to hold it in the casing.Brush has a compartment underneath the blush
Cheek Color 02 in natural light next to the window
Sorry for lack of a swatch, the sun was setting and I was running out of time. I've worn this blush a few times now and have found it to be lovely. I hope to pick up more when this collection reaches American shores. I've read the estimated time frame is sometime in 2013 :/

The last item(s) I have to share are the lip rouges. They have a soft lipstick feel and subtle shine. I picked up 04 (mauve pink) and 05 (light carmel nude). The Rouges have a Cameo charm on them and have a twist up mechanism. A caveat is that the lip color can be turned up but cannot retract so you will need to be careful how much product is pushed up.
Top: Color 05; Bottom: Color 04
04 close up
05 close up

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! I will try to capture swatches for the cheek colors soon and share more goods from Tokyo :) For pictures of the Face Color Rose Ladurée in 02, please click here. For counter pictures and more, please see Rouge Deluxe's posts here and here.


Jamilla Camel said...

You got the petals! I'm glad they worked for you!! I got British Beauty Blogger a Cream Blush, and she wants to do a quick Laduree post - can she send people to your blog?

Jenn said...

Jamilla~ Sure thing! Thank you for sharing! xx

Stephanie said...

The cheek color is so pretty!

Georgina said...

looks awesome! i love the cameo details, all the products look so posh and feminine! <3

nice picks, the lip colors are super cute, very wearable! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh seems like a lot of blogger girls have been to Japan lately, hehe. The loose petals look so pretty! However I really like the pressed blusher and 04 lip rouge looks like a pretty pink too. Thanks for sharing & can't wait to read more about your Japan trip!

Sarah S. said...

Sweet! I was dying to see photos of these :) Thanks for sharing

. said...

O_O How did I possibly miss this?!! I had thought 'I haven't seen anything from laabit for a while...'


Anyway, wow wow woweeee!! So beautiful but the price tag hurts so much ToT

And the lippies....not retractable? Spells disaster for a careless person like me.

Jenn said...

@Jian I've been a slacker blogger. Will try to post more soon!

yes, the price tag was cringe worthy (I tried to ignore it as much as possible)!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenn, they all look so luxurious and pretty. Will you be able to do a swatch of the rose petals and maybe a review as well? I'm so curious about them now! =]


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