Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stila + Barbie Collection

Stila has recently come out with a set of collector cans celebrating Barbie through the decades. I decided to get the 1980 foxy can and the 2000 Jewel doll can. Each can comes with a light color eyeshadow, a darker crease eyeshadow and a cheek color in the palette. There is also a lip glaze and mascara included.

Foxy has a beige with a golden sheen, a medium brown color with a golden sheen and a matte deep peach cheek color. The lip glaze is a sheer tangerine color with a fruity scent.

Jewel has a cool pale frosty pink, a dark brown with a subtle sheen and a shimmery pale pink cheek color. The lip glaze is a deep pink color with a rosy scent.

Top: Foxy Doll; Bottom: Jewel Doll

I liked the shades in the palette. They are good neutrals with a nice shimmer. Both cheek colors are pretty nice, although the pale pink of the Jewel barely showed up on my skin tone. I was surprised by the gooey-ness of the lip glazes, both colors are nice but the texture was a bit slimy and the fragrance, especially the Jewel pink, was a bit strong.

1 comment:

Cris said...

Thanks for the swatches...Jewel Doll looks nice :).


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