Friday, June 19, 2009

Coffret D'Or -Purple, Visee, EOTDs and NOTDs

I liked the blue green Coffret D'Or Color Mixing Eyes palette so much that I decided to get the purple lavender one too.

Indoor lighting no flash and with flash


I actually put on this palette right away at work since I didn't get a chance to put on any make up in the am. Thank goodness I can close my office door at lunch and primp away.

Also wearing the Shiseido mascara base and MM lash expander-yay! for lashes that actually show up in pics!

On the topic of summer palettes, today I received 2 of the new Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes. I had really liked the Blackish Forming Eyes palettes and the blue (A-5) brilliance forming palette really called to me (even though I have a bijillion other blue palettes, lol). I also got the green shade (A-4) another color that I have tons of variations but somehow I think I will find a different one, lol. These palettes have very good pigmentation and the colors are very smooth and shimmery just like the Blackish Forming palettes. One difference is that the color on the lower left is a cream shade. I don't know what it is with the cream shadow kick going on for the summer collections.

Natural lighting

With flash

The green palette has a light green with yellow shimmer, medium olive green, a bronze-y green color and a golden white cream shadow. The first 2 two colors remind me of the Esprique Precious Dress On Shiny Eyes palette in C-4, go figure considering they are both from the Kose.

The blue palette has a light shimmery blue, a light cornflower blue, a dark indigo with multi color shimmer and a silver white cream shadow. The swatches are looking a bit more purple in pictures than in real life.

Natural lighting

With Flash

I couldn't wait to wear the blue palette:

For mascara-it's Shiseido base and Guerlain Waterproof mascara in Bleu Cruise (the blue color actually shows up!)

A few days ago, I wore the JS eye jelly in Midnight shine with Nars South Pacific eyeshadow duo. I'm also wearing Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner in Deepest Black. Mascara is Shiseido base and MM lash expander.

That's it for the EOTD's!

Moving on to nails! I had decided to try Calgel wraps earlier this month. I went to the same salon that M had gone to for her nails. It was a nice place but I was just ok with how my nails came out. I liked the base color but it wasn't as smooth as I would like since gel was near the end of the container, the color was uneven in spots.

I left the wraps on for about a week and I got tired of it. I also thought that it was starting to chip a bit. In the first week, the salon is willing to fix any chipping, but it wasn't worth the trek for me to go back to the salon and it was very minor. I think I just noticed bc I was staring at my nails all the time. The wraps did help my nails grow a bit and they were pretty easy to soak off although since I got glitter tips-it required a lot more effort since there were extra layers of calgel.

Anyway I got them off and painted my nails with a faceshop polish in a really pretty lilac color:

I added glitter at the tips and some konad stamping =)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Edna said...

Pretty looks with the palettes. THanks for reminding me to do my nails. They've been naked for a week!!

♥sormui♥ said...

such nice palettes!! and i luv the sparkle nails!!

Laura L said...

oh, they are so pretty. wow, nice haul
uhlala for your nails, too bad, I'm doing lab work now, I cant put nail polish, but i love your notd :)

Eleganteve said...

The glittery nails are so pretty! How come mine never turn out like that? ::scratches head::

FuriousFeng said...

Those palettes look really pretty. Love the new nail designs!

Whitney & the full effect said...

ooo i'm excited for brillance forming eyes- besides the cream- but I really like the texture and staying-power of visee shadows! thanks sooo much for the swatches!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I love the purple Coffret d'Or palette! <3 So pretty!

Annie Dong said...

Nice looks! I love the blue on you! Nice work on the nails too~ I should take better care of mine~ :/

izumi said...

EOTD! FOTD! i love those palettes! :) i want to get some of those visee ones~

MiuMiu said...

i love how the konad stamps make your nails look so pretty..i really wanna get a set.
the palettes are so pretty~

mayaari said...

those palettes are so pretty - makes me want to get another Coffret palette :)

nice nails - I'm fearful of getting anything done to my nails (other than a regular manicure) after I destroyed my nails when I got tips done and tried to take them off myself. nice job with the konad stamping!

DanDanNoodles said...

wow, thats a really pretty palette

Mona said...

mwehehehe. was that the purple you wore to dinner last night?

ohhh la la, i likey your nails!

yeah removing the glitter part is so not cool. it takes forever!

Yumeko said...

i love the looks
i really like the purple color

Bijin Blair said...

Oh my gosh! I love the palettes that you got! Which CD'o palette do you prefer, the blue green or the lavender?

Bijin Blair said...

Hi Jenn!

Thank you for getting back to me!

Now that you mentioned it, our EOTDs are very similar haha! Okay, I think it's safe for me to cross out the lavender palette from my wishlist (yay for saving my money hahaha).

Another question (sorry!!!) is how would you rate Visee and Coffret D'or in terms of pigmentation, texture etc? Which brand do you prefer?

And thank you for following me! I'll follow you right after I submit this comment =D

Unknown said...

I have been ummming and ahhhing about those new Visee palettes. I would like to get the peach one but the fact that it has that cream in it puts me off. :( But i like peach!! oooh!


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