Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aube couture holiday palettes, Visee LE Glam Hunt and Kate Nudist lipstick

After reading MiuMiu's post on her Christmas present, it reminded me that I had to post my pics on the new Aube couture holiday palettes. I ended up picking 01 (brown shadow and pink lips) and 04 (silver shadow and beige lips). I love the snowflake design on the outside.

Inside contains 4 shadows, 3 lip colors (2 lipsticks and 1 shimmery gloss) and 3 double ended applicators (2 for eyes and 1 for lips). For the eye shadows, they are layout in the compact as a guide for how to wear them with the side color being the liner shade. The lip colors get a plastic cover to help protect them from any stray eyeshadow powders and from getting onto the mirror.

Compact in 01

Compact in 04

I did end up liking 01 more since all the eyeshadows had good pigmentation and they were really pretty shades of shimmery browns. The main silver color in 04 didn't have very good pigmentation and was almost indistinguishable from the highlighter color.

I've been in an shimmery earthy colors mood and I ended up ordering the Visee LE glam hunt palette in mauve since I thought the beige brown option might be too warm for me. This is a really pretty palette and the quality of the shadows are excellent-they go on smooth and vibrant.

On this neutral kick I also ordered one of the nudist designing lipsticks from Kate in BE-01. I'm always afraid that the nude color will be too pale and make me look like a corpse but this one turned out to have just right amount of pink to it.

Swatches for the Visee palette and Kate lipstick


izumi said...

ooo lovelove! the nudist lipstick is awesome <3

Annie Dong said...

Yes, that lipstick is love. I love the peachy tone to it. Unfortunately most nudes (even those with nice pink-y tones) still make me look like a corpse... I haven't found one that looks good on me yet. :(

birkinbagbeauty said...

Although I like the look of the Visee mauve palette, I think they look so brown when swatched. Mmm, still wanting it...

p chan said...

Hi!! I would like to know where you purchased the Visee LE glam hunt palette from :) I've been looking all over for it!!! Thanks!!

Jenn said...

@p chan I ordered it from =)

Yumeko said...

i have been thinking of buying that aube palette for my sister but kinda forgot abt it XD

thanks for reminding me

noone said...

I love the nude lipstick color!

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Stop showing me cute sh!t! The Shopping temptation is killing me!!!!

MiuMiu said...

wow you ordered 2 palettes? that's kinda disappointing to hear the silver shade isn't very pigmented, and i was about to get that one too =p
the mauve palette is so pretty

Unknown said...

I love the LE Glam Hunt palettes!! I have both and think they are shimmery brilliance.


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