Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chanel La Ligne Professional Eyeliner Duos

As part of its holiday collection 2009, Chanel released a new shade of its La Ligne Duo Eyeliner called Celadon Lame. It reminded me how awesome these liners were and how I had been neglecting the earlier versions.

The La Ligne liners come with 2 powder shades in each compact. One being matte and the other having a bit more shimmer to it. You can use it dry or wet. There is a mini pointed sponge applicator and a mini liner brush included in the compact. I prefer the using the liner wet (usually with water) since I like a more vivid liner. Currently, there are 3 shades of this liner - Noir Lame, Brun Lame and Celadon Lame. I do not know how limited each shade is although the Brun Lame and Celadon Lame have been labeled as being limited editions.

Here are in the pan pics:

Swatches for each pan-swatched wet with water and dry with sponge applicator:

Only Celadon Lame has a strong color distinction between the 2 pans. For the noir and brun versions there is definitely a subtler difference; the lame side is just a bit more shimmery than the matte side. I love the formula for these liners since they are pretty resistent to smudging. I have a tendency to rub my eyes and for the most part these liners can stand up to it pretty well. They may fade a bit but they don't completely disappear. I rubbed my swatches a bit left to right and top to bottom:

They held up decently I think. I have not tried using a sealing gel with these liners so the smudge resistence may be bumped up if you use a different wet base.

Here's an end of the day pic of the liner in the darker color from the celadon lame, no touch up. I did not rub my eye that much that day so it stayed pretty fresh.

The only drawback for me is the extra time it takes to dampen the liner. I tend to damped the brush a little at a time so I have better control but this is one of the smoothest liners I've use and maybe it'll motivate me to try and be less rush-y in the mornings. =)


Annie Dong said...

Hm, the liners look nice wet - almost like watercolor! I wonder if you get the same effect if you just wet a normal powder eyeshadow and use as liner?

I love the gray-ish green on the lower right. Very poetic to me, for some reason.... wow I need some more sleep! xD

Bijin Blair said...

Pretty!!! I thought you used normal liquid liners. Your lining is so precise!


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