Saturday, November 7, 2009

Questions from giveaway, NOTD and COTD

Answers to questions left on giveaway post.

1- Can we have a tour of your room? I would, but I'm super messy person and I won't offend you with my clutter. In general, I do know where everything is. It's a state of organized chaos. =)

2- Favorite nail polish brand? I don't know if I can pick one. I go for what kind of color is offered rather than sticking with one brand. Top ones are Zoya, OPI, Dior, Illamasqua (can't wait for more colors).

3-Favorite high end eyeshadow brand? Dior is a popular one in my stash. I have a weakness for their palettes and I like givenchy shadows too. On the asian brand side, I like maquillage is prolly my top pick.

4-Recommendation for an opaque baby pink polish? mmh I don't have a lot of that shade in my collection but one of the more opaque ones I have is Marilyn by Zoya. It does have a bit of sheen to it though so I don't know if that is the finish you want. Since I am lacking on reference for this question~If you know of one, please leave a suggestion in the comments!

Since this posted needed some visual stimulation, here's my notd:

Dior in Lemon Balm

And for the COTD (Cat of the day), this is how the kitties spent their Saturday:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, cute kitties :D Love your NOTD!

Bijin Blair said...

I need to give Dior a try, everyone seems to like them!

izumi said...

lemon balm? it looks nothing like a lemon, hahaha. very pretty anyways :)

and loveeee the kitty pictures<3

Jem said...

that's so cute!

they look adorable, i wanna squish them so bad..hehe

i feel you about the room being in a chaotically organized...mine is just the same!
i have to pay my lil bro just to clean it for me
im too lazy!

Annie Dong said...

Your COTD is awesome! Should I do a SOTD? (Stuffed-animal of the day?) LOL...

Marce said...

Dior shadows are great, I don't own any -yet- but I have swatched them and they're dreamy =)
Love how the polish is called Lemon Balm, and doesn't resemble anything lemonish, LOL!

Unknown said...

lemon balm? why, i think i like the randmom name! it sure looks good on you though x


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