Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Set - Fantasy *Updated*

I picked up one of the Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Sets today. There are 2 versions available (Fantasy and Daydream) and at first I thought I would go for the blue one (Daydream) but after checking out the packaging in person I went with the pink one (Fantasy) afterall. I just ended up liking the images in that set more.

Super cute outer box, which is light pink (Sorry, camera did not pick that up):

Outside of tin:

The set includes a lip treatment stick that goes on clear, a blotting paper holder with 100 sheets and a 100 sheet refill in a metal tin.

Top of pic is the blotting paper refill.
Bottom is the blotting paper holder and lip treatment

Close up of lip treatment stick:

Inside of blotting paper holder. It's the same size as other Paul & Joe blotting paper holders and can hold the regular refills if you use up the enclosed sheets:

*update* More cuteness, pics of the blotting papers:

Although I'm not a big Alice in Wonderland fan, this was an adorable set. The set costs $48 at Bergdorf Goodman and is fair considering the regular blotting paper holder is already $24 and a refill costs $4. There were also a few non-AIW items released-5 new nail polishes and 5 creme to powder blushes.


Stephanie said...

SO CUTE! Thank you for posting!!! I wish we had a fancy fancy Bergdorf Goodman! I loveeeeethe lip treatment stick it's so cute!!!!!!!!!!

Georgina said...

nice! i think im going to get this set :)

izumi said...

oooo love the packaging :) how do the blotting sheets work? worth it?

Katy said...

Those are beautiful... I especially love the packaging!

Unknown said...

I am an alice fan but i like the old tenniel drawing not this disney poop! LOL

I was tempted to try this out but then i decided that i coould save my money and get something truly worth it!

Thank you for the review


Laura L said...

where else i can get it from the internet? I'm not from the states >.<
is nordstrom carry this? or maybe sephora?

Unknown said...

Hi, I've been googling for so long to find swatches of the lip treatment, could you put one up, pretty please? This doesn't come out for another 2 weeks in the UK!

Jenn said...

@DSK Steph It's good and bad, my wallet would be happier if there wasn't a fancy Bergdorf so close by. =)

@izumi blotting papers are ok. Nothing wow on their own.

@Laura Lip treatment goes on clear, with a bit of shine.

GirlAboutTown said...

I want to go get one too now! it's so pretty ;x i just wished that it would show that pretty lip color on your lips...instead of clear LOL

Unknown said...

Ah ok thank you, so I just need to choose which design I prefer!

DanDanNoodles said...

It's all about Alice in Wonderland

Marce said...

Wow, Jenn, this is so cute! I love the adorable packaging, it's just adorable.

Yin said...

cute pacakaging. But I don't think its worth $48...

L said...

That is just too cute... I think its a good set to be honest, you can never get enough of either products!

Yumeko said...

i so wish this was sold here!!


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