Monday, February 15, 2010

Shiseido Perfect Rouge and Luminizing Satin Eye Color

I first tried out the Shiseido Perfect Rouge and Luminizing Satin Eye Color in the Fall but never got around to posting about it. For the Spring, 5 new eye colors were released along with new finishes for the Perfect Rouge line and a new line of lip glosses.

The Luminizing Satin Eye colors are really nice shadows. They go on smooth, have nice subtle shimmer, good pigmentation and lasting power. The first one I had purchased was VI399 (Amethyst), which is a Bloomingdale's exclusive.

Here are a few of the new Spring 2010 colors- 1st row: BL223 (Sky-cornflower blue), GR222(Fondant-seafoam green) 2nd row: PK319(Peach-light golden pink) and VI720(Ghost-grey violet)


The Perfect Rouge lipsticks are quite comfortable lipstick. They feel moisturizing and glide nicely. For Spring 2010, the glowing matte finish and tender sheer finish were released. Here are the lipsticks I currently own(l->r): RS320(Fuchsia), PK421 (Rose Quartz-light blue pink), PK307 (Tourmaline-medium pink) and PK 224(Sugar Babe-matte coral)

PK224 (Sugar Babe) is one of the glowing mattes. It's not as drying as other true matte lipsticks I've tried and does go on in a translucent suede kind of way.

The other new lip product released was the Luminizing Lip Gloss. It's a very light and non-sticky gloss. For me the texture was definitely very silky, almost too silky and verging on watery, but I got use to it. The gloss goes on very nicely and leaves lips feeling moisturized. I picked up PK303(Bellini) and PK406(Pop Life).

Swatches for the lip products:

Top row (l->r): RS320(Fuchsia), PK421 (Rose Quartz),
PK307 (Tourmaline) and PK 224(Sugar Babe)
Middle row: PK406 (Pop Life)
Bottom row: PK303 (Bellini)

Here's a fotd with the Luminizing eye shadows in VI720, VI399, and PK319:

Other products used:
Dior Skinflash Primer
Kevin Beautymaker Aqua Light Creamy Foundation
Lorac Double Feature DF2
Givenchy Le Prisme Mat Powder Beige Mousseline
Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer
MAC Blush Ombre Azalea Blossom
MAC Pearlglide Liner Wolf
Shiseido Mascara Base
Fiberwig Lash Knockout Mascara
MAC Viva Glam Gaga
Shiseido Luminizing Gloss PK406


Stephanie said...

Such pretty colors! They shout Spring. I'm excited for Spring to come, are you?

MiuMiu said...

ohhh..pretty, i especially like that coral color

Yin said...

oh wow. amythyst is an AMAZING COLOUR.

pretty girly FOTD. =D

KiuKiu said...

I REALLY regret not getting Rose Quartz *sobs* I can't find it anywhere!

Jenn said...

@DSK Definitely ready for Spring! So over the cold and snow.

@Yin If I had to pick my fave single shadow it would be amethyst =)

@Kiu I picked it up during the holidays, didn't even know it was limited till I was wrote this post. *fingers crossed* that you'll find it.

Yumeko said...

such gorgeous colors!!!


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