Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jill Stuart Spring 2010

I'm always drawn into the Jill Stuart make up collections in part because of the packaging but for Spring, I thought the colors were interesting as well. I ordered 2 of the new Jewel Crystal Eyes palettes; Crystal Ruby and Princess Sapphire and the Mix blush in Rose Fairy.

Crystal Ruby:

Princess Sapphire:

Swatches (Top: Crystal Ruby, Bottom: Princess Sapphire):

The Crystal Ruby palette has a pale gold, a golden pink, a medium ruby, and a dark burgundy. I did prefer this palette over the Princess Sapphire palette which contained a pale pink, a lilac, a deep pink and a dark violet because the pigmentation was a bit better and the shimmer a bit more subdue. The colors were also more unique than other Jill Stuart palettes that I can recall. The shadows were very smooth overall and I had no problems with fading or much fallout from the shimmer.

Pics of the Rose Fairy blush:

It's a very pretty pink blush and the colors don't contain any shimmer except for the top right pink shade but the shimmer is very fine. The powder is very smooth and you can easily build up or down the intensity.

Overall, a nice spring collection worth checking out if you like more girlie type of spring colors. =)


Stephanie said...

Jill Stuart everything is so luxurious!

vanilla said...

awww nice choice u got!!

izumi said...

crystal ruby looks awesome! i LOVE their packaging :3

Yumeko said...

i keep looking at crystal ruby but feel so undecided XD!!

Tracy said...

I love the colors, am kinda glad that JS is not in Singapore otherwise I'll be broke and robbing the bank!

Unknown said...

I am not a JS shadow fan (love the jelly shadows though) but that crystal ruby has some yummy colours.....i wonder if it is uber shimmery on me?!


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