Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Liberty of London x Mac Scarf

Hello! Gosh I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated! Here's a quick pic of the Liberty of London x Mac scarf I picked up at the release event last week. Next post will be pics from the event and the other items I picked up. In the end, I only got 2 lip glosses (Frankly Fresh and English Accent) and the Blue India polish.

So...the scarf-it's pricey at $95 (Although on the Liberty of London site, scarves can run close to $200 so this is a "bargain" for the line). I ended up liking the spring-y print more in person than in pictures and I much prefer the flower design over the bird motif. The material is a wool/viscose blend that is soft to touch and gives the scarf a light feel although is quite a big scarf at 27 x 82. I like that it does make me think of warmer temps to come and adds a dash of color to my wardrobe but I'm still on the fence on this investment.


izumi said...

ooo pretty! :D you should do a post on how to wear scarves differently, hahaha.

Leslie said...

Hi Jenn:
Thanks for your thoughts on the scarf. It's really pretty. Can you please do some modeling pix?

I ordered the Frankly Fresh lip gloss too but haven't picked it up yet. Hopefully it'll look good on, but the packaging is so cute, guess it doesn't matter!

Stephanie said...

Now that is a beautiful spring scarf!

I was frown face b/c Minh tricked me and drove us to the casino when I wanted to be a gambling free person!

Yin said...

that is a gorgeous scarf. not sure i'd wear a MAC brand name round me though.


Whitney & the full effect said...

ahh you got the scarf!! model it for us! lol how awesome! seriously, all of your reviews are making me want more and more but I already have enough! what's a girl to do! haha
hope all is well hun!


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