Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lancome Spring 2011 polish-Violet Groove and Le 54

I saw that the Ultra Lavande collection for Spring was available on the Lancome website and I couldn't wait to get my mitts on the nail polishes-Violet Groove (violet creme) and Le 54 (sheer violet with blue glitter).

Here are the polishes with flash:

L->R: Violet groove, Le 54

Bottle pic without flash:


Violet groove (2 coats)

Le 54 (4 coats)

Pinkie-1 coat of Le 54 over Violet groove

I love Le 54 even though you need tons of coats to make it look opaque. The coats dried pretty fast though so it wasn't that time consuming. Here's the final notd:

I also picked up the Ombre Magnetique in Disco Gold and Ultra Lavande. I really like the texture of these and they make nice eyeshadow bases. Will post pics soon!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

ooo! how pretty :D then again i love anything purple, hahaha. you have such nice nails~


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