Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Kitty x Sephora swatches

The Hello Kitty x Sephora collection is now officially available online. I've seen a handful of items at one of the Sephora stores in town so the line should soon be in-stores as well.

The Say Hello Palettes has 4 eye shadows and 4 lip glosses. For the Super Fun palette (Click here for product pics) the eye shadows are: Sugar Plum (pale lilac), Raindrop (dark grey), Sweet Plum (smoky purple with silver sparkles) and Goodnight Dreams (black with silver sparkles); the lip glosses are: Snowflake (clear), Pink confetti (sheer pink), Strawberry Cookie(sheer mauve) and Sweet plum (sheer plum). The eye shadows were nice, but the lip colors were super sheer so they were a bust.

Top (l->r): Snowflake, Pink confetti, Strawberry Cookie, Sweet plum
Bottom (l->r): Sugar Plum, Raindrop, Sweet Plum, Goodnight Dreams

The kohl eyeliner set has 7 liners-Goodnight Dreams (Black), Grape Juice (Violet), Chocolate Milk (Dark Brown), Happy Cloud (Light Gold), Blueberry (Turquoise), Bicycle (Forest Green), and Blue Sky (Navy). The liners are super smooth and the colors are lovely but they do seem to smudge pretty easily.

l->r: Goodnight Dreams, Grape Juice, Chocolate Milk,
Happy Cloud, Blueberry, Bicycle, Blue Sky

I decided to try the eyeshadow stick in Cupcake (light gold) and Cream Puff (silvery purple). They go on very smooth and makes a nice eyeshadow base. Cream puff was a great base for the eye shadows from the Super Fun palette.

The Big Smile gloss is a bit sticky but gives has a nice pigmentation to it. Swatch below is for Cheery (Medium pink).

The Sweet glosses, on the other hand, are pretty sheer and only give a hint of color. Below are swatches for Pink Bow (Sheer pink), Peachy (Sheer coral) and Goldfish (shimmery gold). All the Lip colors have a sweet fruity smell to them that reminded me a bit of sanrio erasers when I was growing up.

Top (l->r): Cupcake, Cream puff
Bottom (l->r): Cheery, Pink Bow, Peachy, Goldfish

I also tried out the nail polishes and nail stickers. Will post up pics for those items soon!

Overall, the Hello Kitty x Sephora items are nice but not necessarily amazing. The best part for me was the packaging-it was cute but not too cutesy. I liked that the Hello Kitty motif was printed on the products and not stickered on. The packaging design was pretty clean for the items and not gaudy. As for picking up more from this collection, I will probably try a more eyeshadow sticks and nail polish. I did not get many of the accessories items since I knew I wouldn't really use them. Between this collection and the Mac one, I think I may like this one a bit more for the more pleasing packaging and variety of products. Which one do you prefer?


Unknown said...

thanks so much for these swatches - esp the sweet glosses. reviews on sephora have been good and I wanted to pick some up, even if they are rather sheer.

im not evena big fan of HK and I like their packaging ^^

Sarah said...

what a thorough collection review :D love it. i'm not too big of an HK fan myself, so it's nice to read a review that's not OMG iT'S HK IT'S TDF.. haha. you know?!


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