Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jill Stuart Summer 2009-Eye jelly and lip jelly

It was an icky rainy day in NYC, I was cheered up by having access to waffles near the office and the fact that I had gotten a few of the new Jill Stuart items in the mail.

I couldn't resist getting some of the new eye jellys. I loved the shimmer that they give and they last quite a long time. I ended up putting on 2 colors this afternoon and they held all day (I did have some udpp and eyeshadow on as well). I ordered the 3 eye jellys: berry sparkle, crystal sky and midnight shine. Berry sparkle is a bright pink color, crystal sky is a mauve-y color and midnight shine is more of a dark indigo (purple/blue) than a dark navy as the swatch online shows.

L-R: Berry sparkle, crystal sky and midnight shine

Crystal sky is the eye color worn in the JS advertisement for this collection along with Dimond snow (pearly white, not pictured). On lips, the model is wearing the lip jelly in Sensual Nude, which I also fell in love with. The jelly has a very nice texture, it gives your lips lots of shimmer and shine without being sticky.

Swatches! Sensual nude on top.
Berry sparkle, crystal sky and midnight shine on bottom, L ->R

In case anyone was wondering, the new eye jellys have the same fruity scent consistency as the old jellys, but there are differences in the packaging.

Overall, new container is smaller and more decorated than old container.

The opening is also smaller in the new container.

However, both containers are label as 6g. Upon closer inspection, the new container is actually deeper than the old container and goes pass the part with the grooves for the lid while the old container was more shallow.

For summer 09, there was also a new illuminance eye shadow palette released but it didn't catch my eye enough to purchase. I am looking forward to perhaps getting more jellys =)


izumi said...

gorgeous!! i love the lippie color too :D may i request a swatch of it?

birkinbagbeauty said...

I can understand you fell in love with that JS lipgloss because it looks absolutely stunning in the tube. I have been hesitating ordering JS Jelly lipgloss, but I am planning to do so.

I think the swatches of the new eye jellies are gorgeous indeed. Thank you so much for posting them...I ordered the 10 in Vintage deco on bobodave, so I have to be patient and soon I will receive my first JS eye jelly

Anonymous said...

Omg, Jill Stuart Eye Jellies! Wished, I could put my hands on some soon, hehe... o_O

Amanda K said...

Those look so pretty!

Eleganteve said...

The eyecreams look sooooo pretty! I want!

fuzkittie said...

GASPS!! I cannot wait to get mine!!!

♥sormui♥ said...

ack!! i want crystal sky!! soo pretty!

Edna said...

The eye jellies look so pretty and elegent :) Love the colorsssss, so sparkly!

Yumeko said...

oooh u tempt me so!!

Mona said...

those are soooo sparkly!

MiuMiu said...

the jelly eyes look so prettty!!! i'm surprised at the pigmentation

Whitney & the full effect said...

yummy yum yumz!! i want those jellys!! out of curiosity can you CBOX me where you buy your jill stuart? or where you purchase most of your asian-brand makeup?


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