Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chanel Holiday 2011-A few product pics

I got the chance to meet with the lovely Macnunu and Asiyakei today. We made trip to Saks and found that the new holiday items from Chanel were available. Here's just a few quick product pics of what I purchased~

Luminère Sculptée de Chanel Highlighting powder

Closer look at the gorgeous embossing

Glossimer in Sweet Beige

Ombre Essentielle in Beige Lamé on top and Glossimer in Sweet Beige

Les Tissages de Chanel Tweed Brun Rosé blush

Will try to have more pics and swatches up soon!


Unknown said...

Wow, both of these are stunning!

Jamilla Camel said...

OMG! I LOVE THEM! And they are seductively posed with a KITTEH - Even better!

Vanity Fashionista said...

Can't wait for your swatches.

And have loads of fun ladies!! <3

Sarah S. said...

Wow these are just so lovely <3 Looking forward to your swatches.

Stephanie said...

aww the little paw is so cute!!

Yin said...

all of it is so beautiful. is the gold on the blush just a spray on?

Jenn said...

@Yin Yes, the gold fades away. There had a tester and it showed only the brown/pink part left

Kim said...'s paw! haha...super cute XD btw I want to ask about the dolly wink falsies, issit reusable for likely 5-10times?

Sophia @ Beauty Blog UK said...

These are all so lovely! Can't wait to see the swatches! xo

Jenn said...

@Lina Kim I'm a falsies n00b so I can't say how many times you can re-use them but the Dollywink lashes are pretty sturdy so you can definitely get a few uses out of them.

. said...

Your kitteh really likes the glossimer huh? Don't blame 'em! I do too! Everything is so pretty and sparkly and beige!!! :D


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