Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nars Holiday Gift Set - Mie and Hanamichi

I couldn't wait for the Nars Holiday sets to start arriving. I spotted them at Lord and Taylor online but hit a snafu in trying to place my order, luckily there were available in stores as well so I was able to pick them up during the Friends and Family event. The holiday sets come in black paper boxes with a red band.

First up is the Soft Shadow Pencil Set called Mie. I love the colors of the Soft Shadow Pencils, I haven't tested out the longivity of the pencils although judging from the creaminess, a primer is a must-have :)

L->R: Angle Noir, Tall Tale, Magic Moon, Skorpios, Palladium, and Ballet Russes

Full size Soft Touch Pencil is 0.1 oz, 3g
Mini Pencil is .07 oz, 2g


L->R: Angle Noir, Tall Tale, Magic Moon, Skorpios, Palladium, and Ballet Russes

The other gorgeous item is the Hanamichi Palette:

It comes in its own pouch with a silk tie

There is a mini kabuki brush included

Size comparison against a full size soft touch pencil

Swatches (indoor light, no flash)- I'll try to have deeper swatches soon, but I was trying to not mar the design just yet.

L->R: Background color, golden flower, black flower and red flower

The first two colors reminded me of the Exotic Dance duo so here's a comparison pic:

Top:Exotic Dance
Bottom: Hanamichi
Exotic Dance has more shine to it so the colors are a bit brighter than the ones in the Hanamichi palette in which the finish is more flat.

So far, I think both items are lovely gifts (for yourself or others). I think Mie is more fun especially if you like color. The Hanamichi palette has a gorgeous presentation but I'm still trying to figure out how to maximize use of a red shadow, although for now I'll just enjoy the prettiness :)


Jamilla Camel said...

I saw these on the Selfridges site, and I MUST HAVE THEM BOTH!! Thanks for the review!

Sarah S. said...

I did a red eyeshadow post first thing in October, if you want to check that out. I'm so drooling over this palette, but I'd be so sad to spoil the design!

cushy said...

nice nars swatches

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Use the red eyeshadow as an eyeliner in a more subdued geisha fashion. The thing is, it would be like red lipstick, a little fussy and more work but looks awesome when done crisp and clean. You could also change the tone of the red by adding in black so that it won't be as bright or as a compliment. Likewise, if all else fails use it lightly as a blush. Thank you for the swatches!

Popcorn said...

The nars palette is just gorgeous!

Jenn said...

@Sarah S. @thefireisblack Thanks for the suggestions :)

Stephanie said...

The Hanamichi palette is gorgeous! It's a piece of art!

. said...

Wow!!!!!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!


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