Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nars Holiday 2011-Color Collection

Here are items from Nars Holiday Color collection. It's a nice collection, the only letdown for me was the trio-the promo pics seem so awesome but when applied it's just not as vibrant. Anyway here's what I picked up:

Arabian Night Trio
(I wished the colors really did apply like it looks in the pan)


Much like other Night Series shadows-the Arabian Nights colors look very sooty when applied dry and without primer.

Ponderosa Cream Shadow
(I always think of the word "steak" when I hear Ponderosa)


L->R: Ponderosa, Arabian Night trio over Ponderosa
The cream shadow definitely helped to bring out the glittery color more in the Arabian Night Shadows although all three still looked very similar.

Top row: Ponderosa and Arabian Night over Poderosa
Bottom Row: Arabian Night dry swatches

The new multiple in G Spot was an item I wasn't sure if I would pick up but once I swatched it, I really liked the color for fall. It has a subtle shimmer and the color a pretty rosey color (not as brown as the picture looks)

My weakness in life is colored eyeliners:

Top: Campo di Fiori
Bottom: St. Marks Place


L->R: St. Marks, Campo di Fiori and G Spot (light swatch)

And the last item is the Mandchourie eyeshadow duo
(shimmery golden olive blue and matte navy):

Dry swatches

Swatch on the right is the shimmer shade layered over the matte shade. I'm still undecided about this duo. The shadows felt smooth but color payoff was a bit iffy. I'll have to play with it more and test it with some primer :)

So, the cream shadow, eyeliners and multiple were hits for me but the trio and duo haven't quite won me over. I wished the trio wasn't black based and showed up as the pan color. I'm also debating on the Joyous Red lip color. I'm normally not a red lip wearer but I liked that it fell on the more warm brick vibe which I think I could pull off more easily for daytime. All items are now available on sephora.com and narscosmetics.com and I've spotted them in store at various counters too.

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Nunu said...

boooo-urns. I was lemming the trio until your swatches. It sucks that they all swatch the same. :(


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