Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L'oréal infallible eye shadows ~ Part 2

Slowly but surely, more drugstores have been stocking the L'oréal infallible eye shadows. The displays have been emptying pretty quickly but I have seen a permanent spot for them in one drugstore so hopefully more stock will come in soon. I ended up picking up 3 more shades~ Sultry Smoke, Iced Latte and Eternal Sunshine.

Sultry smoke almost looks like a matte grey but there is a subtle shimmer to it. Iced Latte is a shimmery light beige and Eternal Sunshine is a shimmery light gold.

There has been some queries on if Eternal Sunshine was the same as international released color-Goldmine. I found that Eternal Sunshine was not as yellow and leaned towards more of a brass color. Goldmine was also much more shimmery and iridescent than Eternal Sunshine. (I don't have pictures but I am also able to confirm that the Midnight Blue (US) is the same as the All Night Blue (Int).

Top row: Eternal Sunshine, Goldmine
Bottom row: Bronze Goddess, Armani ETK #18


L'oréal infallible eye shadows have been great to use as bases and by themselves. I'm looking forward to more shades being released. For my previous infallible post, please click here.


Yumeko said...

wooo more gold shades
i loooooove the gold shades
eternal sunshine is pretty name too!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love Bronze Goddess!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting more swatches! :D

tiffyama said...

Ahh infallibles! <3 I'm planning to check out my local drug stores tomorrow. Definitely been lemming for these ever since I've received my first "Burning Black" from the UK.

I hope these turn out to be permanent too!

. said...

Thanks for the swatches! Very helpful as I am definitely going to get a few!!

Stephanie said...

I picked up Iced Latte and Midnight Blue yesterday! :) I've swatched them already and I'm so in love with them!


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