Sunday, May 24, 2009

Few pics from Bermuda

Trying to clean up the apt before picking up the cats tomorrow so no proper post, but here are a few pics from Bermuda~enjoy!

(I don't know why, but I decided to bring my stuff moogle -never a fan of final fantasy but I thought Mog was cute so the bf got him for me when we first started dating)

Random sight at one of the parks we visited

In front of the Mac store in Hamilton (capital of Bermuda).
Inside looks like any other Mac store


A close up of pink Bermudian sand

Ship was docked at the west end of Bermuda,
this shot was from our balcony as we were leaving the port


Jenn said...

Wow Bermuda is beautiful! The ocean is soo blue, it looks like paradise. I like the "weather stone".. haha, its pretty funny.

DSK said...

OMG!! VACATION!!! hahaha I'm freaking out look at your beach pics, so lucky miss!!

DSK said...

why thank you dsk earring model ;)

M said...

JENNIFAHHHH! yeah i made that up for you :) it was great meeting you sweetie. hope to see you soon!


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